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I can't believe it was way back in June, 2012 that I wrote my first post on getting organized - Menu Planning. I didn't intend to wait so long before I had my next post re getting organized.  See my first post Getting Organized (Part 1) Menu Planning HERE.

I recently saw a pin on Pinterest from Holiday Sparkles for a 21 day challenge to get your house organized.  I liked the idea but when I read the list, I knew if I took the challenge, no way would I be successful.  

BUT it got me to thinking.  We have been in our house here for 4 years and 4.5 months and we still have some boxes in the garage that haven't been unpacked.  Square footage wise our house here is larger than our house in CA.  But we have one less bedroom ( a big thing) and a lot less storage space (another big thing). 

I like being organized and like to think that I am, but truth be told, I have a lot of room for improvement.  I like having a specific place for things and haven't succeeded in that aspect here in this house.

That is one reason that the post interested me.  Enough so that I took her list and omitted some areas and added some areas and came up with my own list. When I read her list, I couldn't help but think...."Her house must be fairly together already if she could tackle the area and get it organized in one day." 

While I might end up "cleaning" an area, my main objective is getting it "organized".  If you decide to join me to get your house "in order" or "organized", remember that is your goal....not mopping the floor, or washing the windows, etc.

Some of the areas on my list will be easier for me to do and will be accomplished in less than an hour, but some may take all day.  I tried to break down the areas so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed such as closet, dresser drawers, under the bed, jewelry box, etc all as different areas and not just say bedroom. 

If you make your own personal list, remember to think of it as asking your child to "clean his room".  Chances are it will not be accomplished because he is too overwhelmed.  Instead, you have to break the chore down into parts; like "pick up your toys and place them in the toy box."  "Now, straighten your books in the bookcase.", etc.

I also left out areas on my list like the family room and guest bedroom because those are areas that are my husband's responsibilities.  Hopefully as he sees my being successful with my list, he will be inspired to get those areas in order. 

Here is my list in no particular order.*  That is why I added the column for date completed in my chart.  I know I will not follow the list in the order it is written.  I will chose an area according to the amount of time I have available that I said some will be accomplished quickly and some will take several hours.  The main thing is to try to be able to check off an area a day.....will rest on Sunday, but if something happens and I don't have time to get something done, I won't give up.  I know that some areas are going to take a lot more time than I will probably truthfully want to give and so it might take two days to get it accomplished.  And that is okay.

*  This is my sock drawer in my night stand.  I was late meeting my friend Janice the other day because I couldn't find a pair of socks I wanted.  I have to get it organized because there are also other things besides socks in it that need to find a new home.  My night stand does have two bigger drawers and two small ones. I do plan to start with this area.

I left two blanks in my chart in case I found another any other areas that needed to be put in order.

If you decide to get your house organized, I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know how you are coming along.  I will update you along the way to let you know how I am doing.  I hope that 2013 will be the year I get a "place" for everything in my house here.

Read progress being made HERE.

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