Monday, January 28, 2013


Saturday night our son Patrick invited us to come eat chili with him and his family.  (I will be featuring his chili recipe in another post.)  Since we hadn't seen Lori and the grandkids since Christmas Eve, I was really anxious to see them and see how much the kids had grown.  

Tyler will be a year on February 28 and if you saw the pictures I shared of our Christmas Eve, (HERE) he hadn't quite gotten the whole concept re crawling at that time.  He would get up on all fours, but then didn't know what to do. He also loved to stand up while holding on to things, but that was it.  I was looking forward to seeing him crawl.

I had difficulty getting a picture of Madison on Christmas Eve that was totally clear because she is constantly on the move.  That hasn't changed too much.  She is talking more and quite smart.  She is almost two and a half.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures of our fun evening.

Tyler walking behind one of his toys.

Madison new hairdo (new to us at least)

Tyler giving his daddy a big smile and showing off his cute dimple.

Madison is showing off her knowledge to her grandad and of course she has sound effects or motions for some of them.

Tyler is checking out his grandmother while "standing" at the same time.

Here he almost looks like he is really standing.  Won't be long.  (Patrick and Lori said he has done a complete  "belly flop" three times to the floor.)

Madison and Tyler sharing a moment together.  Tyler was putting something in his mouth.

A quiet moment when Madison is enjoying some cookies and cream ice cream following dinner.  She handles a spoon so well.  Lori said she had taught herself.  I told Lori she had watched them and just imitated them.

After dinner, playing with Grandad in the floor.

Tyler has yet to "cut a tooth" so everything goes to his mouth.

She does quiet down and shows her pretty smile.

and one last one of Tyler.


  1. Great pictures, beautiful children.
    Jim & Cara

  2. Thanks Jim and Cara. I think they are darling, but I am their grandmother. Nice to hear others think they are beautiful too. ha