Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday was my first day of "getting my house in order". (Read more about it HERE.)   I started with my night stand because I really needed to get my sock drawer organized.  I didn't realize it was as bad as it was until I started on it and dumped all the stuff on my bed.  As I moved things in it to other drawers in my dresser, I found other socks in those drawers.  One pair of socks I found in two different drawers.  

I worked two hours and had to stop to eat before going to my quilting group, so I didn't get completely through (I said in my post that if you didn't get through with the task in one day, that that was okay.)  I did get the two big drawers straight and the top of the night stand.  I just need to do the two small drawers.  I hope to get those done tomorrow.

After I dumped all the socks on the bed, I started putting together all the pairs. I wanted to have some sort of divider between the sock once I put them back in the drawer, but couldn't think of something to use.  

Then I got the idea to use shoes boxes to help keep the socks together according to color.  That worked out really well.  The box will keep the socks together as I take out socks to wear and before they get put back in.

Here is the drawer before....

Here is the drawer now....The shoe box on the left has "sports" socks, the middle shoe box has "browns" and the right shoe box has "blacks" and one "blue" pair.  The fuzzy lounge socks filled in the space in front.  I matched the socks up toe-to-toe and heel-to heel.  Then turned the top down over the two about half way.  Then folded over the sock in half and put the sock in the box with the fold on top.  This made the socks neater in the box.

When I started organizing the other drawer with my underwear, I found 4 different "sachets".  One was a small bar of soap, two were "rose" like sachets made by Amie, our minister's wife, and one was a "shaker" sachet that the women in the church made and sold at their fall bazaar the year we moved here.  (They sent me a box of different things that they sold that year.)  

I had forgotten about it because the drawer was such a mess.  The lavender still smells even after 4 years.

I got to thinking what a simple, but nice gift to give to friends.  

Start with a salt/pepper glass shaker with a metal lid.  

Fill the bottle with lavender or any small potpourri that you have.

Screw the top back on the bottle and tie a pretty ribbon around it.

I just finished cleaning out my car.  I ended up bringing in the paperwork in the glove compartment so my husband could go through all of it with me and we could decide what I need to put back in it.  There were things in there that my parents had put in it when the car belonged to them.  It was time to clean it out.  It certainly looks better and I am happy to be able to put today's date in my completed column for the car.  I didn't get to the two small drawers in my night stand, but I can do that tomorrow.  I wanted to take advantage of the warm temperature today to clean out the car.

Hope you are having a good day.

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