Thursday, January 3, 2013


Since our two sons and their families live about 8 1/2 hrs from each other, we celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving twice.  We celebrated Christmas with our son, Patrick, and his family at our house on Christmas Eve.  See pictures of that celebration HERE.

This year we celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day with our son, Jeffrey, and his family in CO.  We did get to see some light snow while there but it wasn't enough to cause any difficulty getting around and we didn't have any problems with the highways on the drive there and back.

Here is the view from the back of their house.
There wasn't quite that much snow when we got there on Sunday, but after the snow (mainly in the mountains), it looked like this.

After dinner on Sunday, we got to open Christmas presents. Here are some pictures.

Hallie after opening her Lego Heartlake Stable set.

Sadie with her Barbie golf cart play set and her Rapunzel handband braid.

Colby after he opened one of his three Lego Ninjago sets he received.

With some play time before going to bed, New Years' Eve Day was spent with more play and with Colby and Hallie putting their Lego sets together.

You can see that the "adults" wanted to help out also.  (Neither child needed any help though.)

 All done....
Hallie actually took her stable play set apart and put it back together again on New Year's Day.

Sadie didn't have any play sets that required assembling, so she had fun just playing with her Barbie, I Can Be a Dentist play set.

 Hallie also liked to play with Sadie's Barbie Golf Cart.  They share really well.

Another one of Colby's Lego toys.

His last set. (I like to think I helped with this one.  Most of the time, he was reaching for the "piece" before I could even see what he needed.)

One more of the girls.

When Sadie decided to "sit still" for a little bit, you would find her playing with her daddy's ipad.  She loves to play a game where she has to place the state where it is located on the map.  It is very precise.  While she had missed a couple this time, most of the time she got all 50 correct.  I should add that when she "misses", it means she was off just a "tad" from the actual location. Amazing!

Enjoying their breakfast yesterday morning before we left.  Just Bunches for Colby, Cocoa Pebbles for Hallie, and Fruit Loops for Sadie.  They look forward to their special cereal each time we come to visit.  When Jeffrey was young, Mother always had Fruit Loops for him to eat....I never bought them and he loved them.  I started bringing their favorite cereal several years ago, and if I don't bring them out soon after arriving, they ask me if I brought them their cereal.

It was a really fun time and a good start for 2012.

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