Friday, June 2, 2017


I know what you are thinking. What in the world is Goombahs? Right? I asked Friend Margaret about the title - if there were a story behind it or what. The funny thing was she had almost forgotten about the recipe. She did remember it was a recipe from her mil Norma and that she had submitted it in our church's cookbook compiled by one of the Circles of the United Methodist Women, but that was about it. (I found the cookbook at an estate sale.) She said she was going to be seeing her mil and she would ask her.

She wrote me later and said her mil didn't know anything about the name and just remembered a friend had given it to her a long time ago. I had also told Margaret that when to add the chocolate chips had been left out of the directions and she said Norma said they were to be sprinkled on before the caramel sauce was poured on. I did it just the opposite. I think either way would work out fine. 

I made and took the Goombahs to Hillcrest Thrift Shop to share with the volunteers and several told me it was one of their favorites. It was/is so good. I didn't eat any at Hillcrest, but I left the narrow end I had left over when I tried to cut the same size squares at home and enjoyed one of them after I got home. Actually I took one bite at one time and then came back several hours later and ate the rest of the piece - another bite. (I am trying to cut back on my sugar and this recipe is certainly not one of those to eat if you are trying to do that.) I am still looking forward to the day when I can "eye" where to make the cuts in a 9 x 13 - inch pan to make equal serving sizes. I do such a good job eye-ing measurement when I sew and quilt, but just can't seem to get it right when it comes to a 9 x 13 - inch pan. It is probably due to it being odd numbers. Ha. I don't really know. I will let you know when I start succeeding. Anyway, here is Norma's friend's recipe. (Oh! I did substitute an 11 - oz pkg of caramel bits instead of the larger pkg of individually wrapped caramels. You don't have to unwrap anything and they melt easily.)


1        (14-oz) pkg caramels (I used an 11-oz pkg of caramel bits)
1/3    cup evaporated milk
1/2    teaspoon vanilla (If you can find burnt sugar flavoring, use it) (I used vanilla.)
1         pkg German chocolate cake mix
3/4    cup butter
1/3     cup evaporated milk
1/4     teaspoon butter flavoring
1/4     teaspoon vanilla
1         cup nuts (pecans or walnuts) (I did use pecans.)
1         cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour a 9 x 13 - inch pan.

Melt caramels, 1/3 cup evaporated milk, and vanilla in a double boiler, stirring constantly
(til the caramels melt).

Combine the cake mix, butter, nuts, evaporated milk, and butter flavoring.
Batter will be stiff. (I beat mine on low until all of the ingredients were well mixed.)

Spread half of the cake mixture into the pan.

Bake for 6 minutes.

Remove from the oven and sprinkle the chocolate chips and caramel sauce over the cake.
(Either order. I poured the caramel first and then sprinkled the chips on top.)

With a teaspoon, drop small amounts of remaining batter over chips. (I'm not sure I did a very accurate job of dividing the batter in half initially as I had a lot to drop over top. I think the bars look better when you can see a little of the caramel and chocolate chips. You can see in the next picture how the batter filled in the top.

Bake for 16 minutes. Cool until caramel is firm. 

Cut into squares to serve.

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