Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I have mentioned before that we often enjoy pancakes and waffles for dinner. In fact, I rarely ever make them for breakfast. Probably because my husband is a creature of habit when it comes to what he eats for breakfast - cereal mixed with yogurt. 

I have shared several pancake and waffle recipes, but I always seem to find another one that sounds good when I feel like making them for dinner. The word "fluffy", I imagine, is what caught my eye with this recipe I found in my Dutch Country Cooking cookbook. While most are attributed to someone, this recipe wasn't. The 1976 cookbook says it contains recipes compiled from Dutch Country Kitchens and was published by Swiss Country Enterprises, Inc in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

The pancakes were not heavy tasting at all and the recipe made quite a few pancakes. We just warmed them up and ate them the next day.


2       cups flour
2       tablespoons sugar
4       teaspoons baking powder
1        teaspoon salt
2       egg yokes, well beaten
2       cups milk
2       tablespoons melted butter
2       egg whites, stiffly beaten

Measure flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Stir to blend.
Combine beaten egg yolks, milk, and butter.
Add to blended ingredients. Beat till smooth.
Fold in beaten egg whites. 

Pour batter for each pancake, on hot griddle (grease griddle slightly for first pancake only.) Bake until puffy and bubbly.
Turn before bubbles break and bake other side. Serve hot with maple or fruit syrup. Yield twelve 5 - inch pancakes.

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