Monday, October 14, 2013


I like having a post that is an index for similar recipes.  I have made two for recipes that contain chocolate and one for favorite fall recipes.  They are so handy when I want to make a recipe that I know I have shared here.

We eat a lot of chicken.  I had a few recipes, but since I started this blog I have discovered a number of really good recipes for preparing chicken. So it seems only natural that I would gather those recipes together (at least links to them) in one place.  As with the other indexes I have done, I will update the index as I find more tasty recipes using chicken.

cheesy chicken crunchers

cheesy chicken rice casserole

baked lemon chicken

grilled balsamic chicken breast

dinner in one dish

jiffy chicken tenders

cornbread chicken pot pie

one-pot-garden-chicken noodles

pecan-crusted-baked chicken tenders

chicken parmigiana

cheddar-bacon-chicken tenders


all-american-oven-fried chicken tenders

mini chicken-pot pies

stephenson's baked-chicken-n-butter

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