Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Our group only consisted of four of us....Kay, Dorothy, Sharon, and me when we met last week.  Kay was at her seat in front of the sewing machine and Dorothy was at the ironing board when I got there (late).  Last month we managed to get all of the strips/rows sewed and even got the first two sewed together.  

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Dorothy pinned most of the strips together

Kay sewed them all

and Sharon did most of the pressing.

I "supervised".  I did press the last two strips of the quilt top after Kay finished sewing, but didn't get a picture of that.

Here is the quilt top finished

We chose the three fabrics and Sharon took them home to make the pillow case for the finished quilt.

We also chose some left over fabric to use for the binding.

We decided to get together this week and pick out some fabric for the backing.  We plan to meet at a quilt shop, chose and buy the material, and then enjoy lunch together.  We deserve it!

Since I was late, I asked if anyone shared anything before I got there, but Sharon said no one had anything.  So I just took pictures of Kay "new" quilts hanging in her "craftland".  I look forward every month to seeing her work.  She does such a fantastic job and she had a lot.

Santa goes Trick or Treating too:

This one Kay created herself.  Isn't it cute?!


While everyone was working, Kay shared a product she had used when she prewashed some fabric she bought that she thought might "bleed".  

They are sheets that you just drop in the washer when you wash mixed colors.

The interesting thing is when we were reading online the requirements for our quilt of valour at www.qovf.org , they included in the instructions to wash the finished quilt using a color catcher sheet.  (I am not being paid to endorse this product. I am recommending it because I saw the results of it at Kay's.)

When we left Kay's, the quilt top was folded and waiting for our next meeting.  It felt really good seeing it finished.

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  1. Just beautiful!
    I saw a Quilt of Valor quilt on TV the other day in the story of the soldier that got a purple heart and saluted when they thought he was in a coma. It brought tears to my eyes. Someone recognized the quilt he had covering him and did a story on the group of quilters and the quilts they had made. It made me think of you and your group.


  2. We were talking about it in our group last week .....about seeing just enough of the quilt to recognize that he had a quilt of valour, but none of us saw the story you mentioned Sandra. Would love to see it. We can't wait to get our quilt totally finished.

  3. Here's the link....It came off nbc news so if this doesn't work, you may be able to search their site for it.