Monday, October 21, 2013


Fall has definitely arrived!  And you know what that means…..pumpkin dishes.

Dee hosted the last  gathering for our Mexican Train group.  She had just finished setting out snacks for us to enjoy and was wrapping the second loaf of the pumpkin bread in foil to save when I arrived.  (She was nice enough to unwrap it for me to get a picture of it to share.)  

All of the different pumpkin dishes is one of the things that I like about  the fall. I have so many ….some that I have shared here on my blog ….others I plan to make and share over the next few weeks.

This recipe Dee  said was from her son’s co-worker’s mom. She made it in the coffee cans. Since Dee didn’t have any coffee cans, she decided to try it in two large loaf pans. She then had to adjust the cooking time and oven temperature. I have never cooked bread in coffee cans. The recipe made two very generous   9 x 5 – inch loaves  so if you want to try it in the coffee cans, make sure you have an extra one since it says to fill just a little over half full. Also don’t forget when she made this recipe she might have used 1-lb coffee cans which I don’t think they make anymore, do they? (I don’t drink coffee and my husband buys coffee in bags.)

It was very, very good….and enjoyed by all.


3    cups flour
1     teaspoon cinnamon
1     teaspoon allspice
1     teaspoon cloves
1     teaspoon nutmeg
1     teaspoon baking powder
½   teaspoon salt
½   teaspoon baking soda
1     cup oil
3    cups sugar
3    eggs
1     teaspoon vanilla
1     cup nuts
2    cups pumpkin

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  if using two greased 9 x 5 – inch loaf pans….250 degrees F. if using three greased coffee cans.

Mix together well the oil, sugar, eggs vanilla, nuts, and pumpkin.

Combine the dry ingredients together and then add them to the wet mixture.

Pour batter into pans/cans and bake 1 hr for the loaf pans and 2-1/2 hrs for the coffee can (filled a little over half full).

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