Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Last year I made our grandson, Tyler, a Jack-o-Lantern bib. I used an orange towel and I was really pleased with the outcome.  

This year I decided to make him a Jack-o-Lantern t-shirt. At first it looked like I might have a difficult time finding a plain orange t-shirt for him. The ones I saw already had a printed front or had a pocket. Finally once day I was in Wal-mart and decided to look through the kids clothes. And there it was... an orange Garanimals t-shirt in 18 months. Yea!!!!!  It even has long sleeves. I decided to make it with no sewing to show how simple it could be to make one, because I know some people don't sew.

It actually took me longer to make a "face" that I liked than it did to "make" the t-shirt.  

Here is the final result. I haven't given it to Tyler yet, but I can hardly wait to see him wearing it.

Materials you will need:

1       orange t-shirt
scrap of black fabric (I just used 100% cotton)
Pellon Wonder-Under Transfer Web (paper backed adhesive)
tracing paper
pencil or pen
press cloth


Draw  and cut out the "face" you want for the Jack-o-Lantern on tracing paper making sure it will fit on the front of the shirt.

Lay the pieces on the scrap of black fabric.

Cut the Wonder-Under the size necessary to cover the area of the fabric needed.

Remove the pattern pieces and press the Wonder-Under with the rough side down with a hot, dry iron for 5 - 8 seconds.

Cut around the edges of the Wonder-Under and draw the outline of the pattern pieces on the Wonder-Under with a pencil or pen.

Gently peel off the paper backing. (I find that the easiest way to get it started is at a point.)

Position the pieces to make the "face" on the t-shirt.

Cover the area with a damp press cloth.  With the iron on the wool setting, press firmly 10 - 15 seconds.  (Heavier fabrics  = more time.)  Repeat, lifting and overlapping iron until all fabric is fused. (I used a wash cloth that was a little too thick.  Suggest a thinner cotton cloth.)

Remove the press cloth and iron area to eliminate excess moisture. With this final step, I made sure the edges were completely fused.

The shirt is still washable on the delicate cycle. (I would turn the shirt inside out.) The care instructions with the Wonder-Under says to not use fabric softener. Tumble dry on low or finish drying on a hanger.


Last year I made a Mickey Mouse Halloween T-shirt for Grandson Tyler and a Batman one for Grandson Henry. I made Granddaughter Madison a shiny ghost. They looked so cute. You can check them out HERE.


  1. I made your Jack o lantern bib last year for my grandson and it was so darn cute! I am going to make this shirt for him this year.
    I'm guessing Joanns fabric has the Wonder Under?
    Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I am sure they do, Sandra. I decided to use the Wonder Under because it would have been harder to sew the pieces on since the t-shirt was so small. I was also in a hurry to get it done and this is such a fast technique to do. I told my son to take a picture of Tyler in it so I can see him. I think he will look so cute. I am sure your grandson will look precious in it too.