Monday, August 6, 2012


As I mentioned in my post for the CHOCOLATE CHERRY FUDGE CAKE , there were a number of dishes brought to the Dinner Club Saturday night that I took pictures of and asked for the recipes so I could feature them here.  

Julie brought this fruit salsa. She said she had repinned it from Linda on Pinterest, but had added her own personal touch to it.  Isn't that what usually happens?

Here is Julie's 


1   cup  blueberries, rinsed
1   can  pineapple tidbits in their own juice, drained, save juice
1   cup seedless grapes, rinsed and sliced in half
1   lb. fresh strawberries, hulled, and chopped fine
3   medium apples, chopped fine (I used Gala)
1   tablespoon brown sugar
2   tablespoons white sugar
2   tablespoons strawberry preserves

Place blueberries and pineapple tidbits in a large bowl. 

 As the apples are being chopped, place them in the reserved pineapple juice to prevent browning.  

Drain the apples before placing in the large bowl but save the juice.

Add grapes and strawberries to the large bowl and combine all the fruits.

In a small bowl, mix together the sugars, strawberry preserves, and the saved pineapple juice.  This glaze will be slightly runny.  Taste it.  It should have a sweet and slightly sour taste.  If too sweet, add a little orange juice.

Place glaze over the fruits in the bowl, stir gently to coat and refrigerate until ready to serve (at least 30 minutes). 

Serve with cinnamon sugar tortillas, pita chips, sun chips, or graham crackers.

Julie served the salsa with a new cinnamon chip she found at Hy-Vee.  They were really good and were just the right combination with the fruit.

We ate most of the salsa during the "social" hour, but took the last bit up to add to the dinner.  It was also great with the pulled pork and other dishes we had for dinner.  

Thanks, Julie, for letting me share your fruit salsa.  It was the best!  You will think so too, if you make it.

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