Friday, August 10, 2012


When we moved here four years ago from Ventura, I met Ann at Platte Woods United Methodist Church.  My husband had been invited to play golf with a group of men from church who played once a week.  Ann's husband, Jim, was one of the men he played with.  

One day after church, when Jim and my husband were talking in the parking lot, Ann and I introduced ourselves to each other.  She told me about the New Neighbors League that she belonged to and said she would take me to the monthly coffee that was coming up.  I decided to join this group of women and that decision led me to a life that I could only have dreamed of having being retired. 

There is a monthly coffee and luncheon in which the entire membership could attend, but predominately the league is made up of small interest groups.  I joined a book club,  a quilting group, movie goers (once a month, we meet and chose a movie to go see), a bunco group, a bridge group, casual dining (husband and wives "pot luck" dinner), took day trips, and learned to play canasta.  I had at least two activities a week in which I participated.  

Do I need to say that Ann will always be my BBF (Bestest Best Friend).  If it hadn't been for her friendship and introducing me to NNL, I would have had a harder time getting adjusted to living in a new city after living 21 years in Ventura and I wouldn't have nearly as many friends.  

Because of NNL, I have met some fantastic ladies,  formed some wonderful and lasting friendships, and shared many memorable times. I renewed an interest in antiques and have refurnished/ redecorated much in the house with antiques and vintage items.  My friend Janice and I have an "almost" standing date for Fridays to go to estate sales, garage sales, or antiquing.  On my calendar I write.....Friday w/Janice.  We don't always know what we are going to do, but we always end up somewhere and have a great time.  Our husbands have learned to "look for us when they see us coming."   

Casual dining, one of only two small groups that the husbands are invited to attend (bridge couples is the other one), got "too large", so when another dining group was added called the Supper Club, my husband and I moved to it.  Supper Club eventually got "too large" and so the Dinner Club was started. I am the coordinator for the group.

Dinner Club limits its membership to 12 couples.  Each month, a different couple is the host and provides the main course.  Everyone else brings a dish to complete the meal. 

The evening begins with a social hour and then the sit-down dinner. The recipe I am sharing with you today is one of the appetizers that Lisa brought Saturday night.  It is one of those fast and easy appetizers that presents such an attractive picture on the platter.

Crunchy Baguette or French Bread, thinly sliced


mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced

fresh basil

grape tomatoes, thinly sliced

olive oil

fresh cracked pepper

Layer in the order the ingredients are given.   Drizzle the olive oil to taste over all.  Top with fresh cracked pepper.

As you can see in the picture they make a very impressive, elegant dish that doesn't require much work to prepare.

Thanks, Lisa, for letting me share you recipe.

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