Thursday, August 9, 2012


Linda's Ice Cream Pie is another great recipe everyone really enjoyed Saturday night at the Dinner Club of the New Neighbors Northland, KCShe told me she has made it many times and always uses two different flavors of ice cream for each pie.  That is one of the reasons she especially likes making it.  If you were making it for a special reason, you could choose the favorite ice cream flavors of the person of honor.  What child wouldn't love this for his or her birthday?!


1/3   cup white corn syrup
1/3   cup chunky peanut butter
2   cups Rice Krispies cereal 

         Mix together corn syrup and peanut butter. Add the cereal and press into a 9 - inch pie plate.

Half a gallon of ice cream (or more)
ice cream topping
Cool Whip
         Scoop out half of the ice cream to make the first layer over the crust.

         Add a layer of hot fudge, nuts, caramel or any topping.

         Add another layer of ice cream over the topping. 

         Top the second layer of ice cream with nuts, Cool Whip, cherries, or whatever you like.

         Freeze again until ready to serve.  Stores well in freezer.

         When you get ready to serve, have a glass of water and before each cut, dip your sharp knife in the water.  This way you will have a nice clean cut. 

Saturday night, Linda, used Peanut Butter Cup ice cream for the first layer, a layer of hot fudge topping, then a layer of Bunny Tracks ice cream.  She topped the pie with Cool Whip, cherries and chocolate curls.  

She also made two pies so she was able to use two different flavors of ice cream and have both in each pie. She says you can use more than a total of a half gallon of ice cream in the pie if you want to make it really deep.  Just use a deep dish pie plate.

Linda also recommends the combinations of Chocolate ice cream and Cherry Nut ice cream OR Chocolate Mint ice cream with French Vanilla.

Sounds like Linda isn't kidding when she says she has made this pie a lot.

I know I really enjoyed it.  I especially liked the crust.  I think it would be good to use for other dessert recipes that you don't cook.

On a personal note, if you are watching your calories, you could use the sugar-free/fat free ice cream or at least the reduced fat, reduced sugar ice cream.

Thanks, so much, Linda, for allowing me to share your recipe on my blog.  I predict that this will be a very popular posting.

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