Sunday, August 12, 2012


Earlier this week, Madison had her second birthday.  Her party wasn't until this yesterday though.  We almost thought the party was going to have to be delayed because Thursday night she was at the doctors after having an allergic reaction to something.  Her face was still a little red (it was a lot red on Thursday) and her eyes were still puffy.  She really was good at her party though.  Everyone could tell she didn't feel like herself, but she did her best to enjoy herself. 

She got the party off with opening her presents.  All the tape on the wrapped gifts caused her some delay today as she was so meticulous with her unwrapping.  Everyone knows now to remember to bring presents for her in bags from now on. She very carefully pulled a little bit of paper off and then had to take it to Jamie to hold.  Finally "Mommy" got a trash bag and so I held it and she would bring the wrapping paper and tissue paper over to put it in the bag.  There was never a piece of paper on the floor.

She finally managed to get the first package open and then wanted to check it out.  We got her the canopy for their Radio Flyer wagon.
 I also made her a little denim ruffled skirt.  She knew what it was but couldn't get it on with her dress.  I can't wait to see her in it.

She looked at every card that she got.

She's going to have a blast playing "dress-up" in all the different costumes she got.  This is just some of them.  Her grandma gave her these.  She also got some Disney Princess play clothes.

 It took her only a few minutes to get used to the High Heels.  She'll be able to wear these for quite a while.

 She got a pretty head band that she wanted me to put on her head, but she was really curious about the packing with it.
 After everyone enjoyed the burgers, brats, and hot dogs that "Daddy" cooked, it was time to eat the cake.  

Last year Madison really enjoyed her little individual birthday cake.  I couldn't believe she ate the whole thing last year.....  Anyway this year it was very evident that she wasn't feeling real well. She did finally take a bite or two of the icing, but that was it.

Everyone else at the party enjoyed either the chocolate end or white end of her big cake.  

 Everyone that is except, Mr. Tyler....

A quite moment toward the end of the party.....

Even though she was fading fast, she always has time for Grandmother to look at a book with her.  She pats on the floor where she wants you to sit.  Then she will back up to you to sit in her lap.
Happy Birthday, Madison...You are one special little girl and loved by many, especially your grandmother and grandad.

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