Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This year for Valentine's Day instead of sending Valentine Day cards to my grandchildren in CO, I decided I would send them a hug.  I had seen pins on Pinterest for children to give hugs to adults, but I thought...."Why couldn't I send my grandchildren a hug?" 

I have been "toying" with different ideas for several days for accomplishing this and didn't completely finalize those ideas until yesterday.  I had decided I would use "Valentine" ribbon for sure, but kept coming up with different ideas for the "hands".  

I got the ribbon Sunday at Michael's on sale.  I wanted to use the wider ribbon, but it all had the wire on the edges.  So I had to settle for the 3/4 inch ribbon.  Since I have 3 grandchildren in CO, I got three different designs of ribbon.

There was so much for me to decide.  I considered making the hands with felt, card stock, but wasn't really happy with either idea.  I also was trying to decide how long to cut the ribbon.  I wanted it to be as long as my arms, but then it might/probably would be too difficult for them to handle.  Then I had to decide what I wanted to say.  I wanted to write a poem, but that isn't always easy.

Everything sorta fell in place when I decided to use gloves for my "hands".  The idea just popped in my head coming home from book club yesterday.  With the gloves, the kids could just put their hands in the gloves, throw the ribbon over their heads to their backside and then "hug" themselves.

Once I knew how I was going to do it and how it would work, the "poem" came fairly easy.  


36 inches of ribbon

a pair of gloves (I bought the one-size fits all)

needle and thread

Cut the ribbon 36 inches long (or the length that will work best for your situation)

I turned down the ends the ribbon so the ends wouldn't rival.

Then with thread that matched the color of the gloves, I stitched the end just on the inside of the glove.  I just went through the inside layer.  I stitched twice in each place.

I laid the gloves and ribbon down to make sure the ribbon was straight and the gloves were going the correct way before I sewed the ribbon in the other glove.

When it was all finished....

I printed the "poem" and added my name.  Put the gloves/ribbon in the envelope and taped the poem on the outside.

I placed the 3 envelopes in a large padded one and took off for the post office. I had to stand in line for 35 minutes at the post office but they got mailed and are supposed to be there tomorrow.  

Hope my CO grandchildren love their "hugs from Grandmother" as much as I enjoyed making them.

UPDATE!  Here is a picture of the "Hug" I made for my granddaughter Madison.  She is 2-1/2 so I made her smaller.

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