Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today Tyler, our youngest grandchild, is one.  As everyone always says, "It's hard to believe it was a whole year ago that he was born."  I remember Lori, my dil, was concerned that he would be born on the 29th -- 2012 was a leap year.  She wanted him to have a "birthday" each year.  He must have also wanted to make sure he had a birthday each year, because he made his appearance on February 28th.

Family and friends gathered last Saturday to celebrate -- a few days early -- his birthday since the 28th was during the week -- and who can wait to celebrate his birthday AFTER the fact.  

I think he had a good time -- as good a time as any one year old can have. I know his sister Madison enjoyed herself.  She is 2-1/2.  She kept going around telling everyone, "It's Tyler's birthday."  It was so cute.

Here are just a few pictures I took at the party:

Oops, he saw all the presents.

"Is it okay?"  (Since it wasn't so long ago that he was opening Christmas presents, he knew what to do.)

"You said it was okay for me to start opening them."

"Won't be long now."

Madison stayed away as long as she could.

"Here, Tyler, I'll help you with this one, " so says big sister Maddy.

Don't worry, Madison, Tyler knows what to do.

A quick picture with Grandad before time to 





Tyler's personal cake.

It took a while, but he finally got a bite of it.

"Hmmmm, not too bad."

Madison got to enjoy some cake too.

And she did enjoy the cake -- I should say she really enjoyed the icing. She ate some of the cake, but the icing.....

Tyler likes his, too.

"I think this icing over here taste better."  I tried to show her the icing on the sides of her piece of cake was just as good, but she continued to eat the icing on the rest of the cake...

By this time, Tyler has 'done a job' on his cake.

Looks like it's time for the 'birthday - party - kitchen - sink bath' (I was busy with Madison and didn't get a picture of it.  Too bad.)

All cleaned up and ready to play.  It was a fun party and everyone had a fun time.



  1. What a lucky Granny you are! He is a cutie! My grandson turned 1 in December and his "smash cake" picture is one of my favorites! Love the John Deere theme!

  2. Thanks, Sandy. He and Madison are both cuties. I see you aren't shown as a follower. I wrote blogger and told them they should make it easier for people to follow. It is easy if you have a google account (gmail), yahoo or wordpress, but everyone doesn't.

  3. I do..but I can't figure out how to follow you...I have subscribed to SOMETHING...and clicked on 'this' and yelled at 'that'... joined Google groups (I think).. It says I'm subscribed and I can "unsubscribe"...this is making my head hurt! Lol.
    I'm still not giving up on it though!

    1. Funny! It does seem like you "subscribed" to something because your comments are show the blogspot logo and it shows your name. I will have to go to a friend's and see again what comes up. I can't do it on my computer. Good luck.