Thursday, July 6, 2017


I've seen this method a couple of times the last few years but never actually tried it until now. I was going to make a peach cobbler and thought it was now or never. This is an excellent way to peel a bunch of peaches quickly and easily.

It really did make peeling the peaches easy without really using a knife. AND you don't lose any of the delicious peach either like you do when you use a peeler or knife.

All you need to do is bring a "deep-enough" pot filled with water to boil. Deep enough that is to completely submerge the peach.

Using a slotted spoon, carefully drop the peach in the boiling water and set your timer for 1 minute.

While it is boiling, prepare a "deep-enough" bowl with ice water.

When the timer goes off, remove peach from the boiling water with the slotted spoon and
carefully drop it in the ice water.

Set the timer again for 1 minute. (I also dropped another peach in the boiling water at this time. After doing this several times, I realized the peach will keep in the ice water longer. This is to stop the cooking from the boiling water. When the peach feels cold, the peeling comes off without much effort at all.)

Remove the peach from the ice water and carefully pull back the peeling.
You may or may not need to knife to get yourself started.

Now obviously you can do more than one peach at a time and do it a lot faster than it took me to peel the four peaches I used in my cobbler. I had my system going (since this was my first time) and I wanted to see if the 1 minute was the right time. I could easily peel and then slice the peach for the cobbler in the 1 minute while one was in the hot water and one in the ice water.

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While I was mixing it up, I had my water boiling and did 5 peaches at a time. 

Boiling the 1 minute....

In the cold water for a few minutes (You don't have to time this part. The peeling will actually come off easier, if the peach is cold)....


If you cut along the indention on the peach, you will be able to remove the pit easily and have two perfect halves. 

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