Monday, August 22, 2016


If you like scalloped potatoes (like I do), but never make them because you think they are too difficult (like I do), well, you will l-o-v-e this recipe. Besides tasting so-o-o-o-o good, they are so-o-o-o-o easy.

I guess Old Man Schwump was a character on The Andy Griffith Show. This recipe named for him was in Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook I found at an estate sale. The cookbook is full of pictures from the show and many of the recipes are related to characters on the show. Many of the recipes are favorites from members of the show's cast and crew.

This recipe was attributed to Marti Downs from Sparta, TN. I pretty much followed her recipe but did forget to sprinkle the paprika on top. I used a 1 quart casserole dish and probably used a few more potato slices than just 2 cups. Because of that I increased the milk to 1 cup. My husband and I ate half of the dish and it was supposed to serve 2. I guess some people might eat a larger portion, but not us.


2 - 3       cups thinly sliced potatoes (I peeled and sliced 3 potatoes)
1/3          cup minced onion
1              tablespoon flour
1/2          teaspoon salt
Dash pepper
1             tablespoon butter
3/4 - 1    cup scalded milk

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Grease or spray a casserole dish. (I used a 1-quart casserole dish with lid.)

Place a layer of potatoes in the bottom of the dish. (I had 2 layers of potatoes so I could cover spaces left from first layer.)

Sprinkle with some of the onion, some of the flour and salt that you have mixed together in a small bowl, and pepper over the layer. Dot with butter. (I omitted the onion, sprinkled with a little of the flour and salt mixture, then shook the pepper shaker over it, and then used measured 1 teaspoon of soft butter and using a spoon dabbed little bits over it. If you had some squeezable butter, I would just squeeze some over it.)

Repeat with another (2) layers of potatoes and the flour, salt, pepper, and butter.

Repeat with last of potatoes and the last of the flour, salt, pepper, and butter.

Pour the milk over all, and sprinkle with paprika.

Bake covered for 45 minutes.

Uncovered and bake for 15 more minutes, or until tender.


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  1. How do we print these recipes that sound so delicious?

    1. If you are on a computer it is easier. You also need to be on just the one post. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see a red bar across the bottom. The first link on the bar is a print link. Click on it and you will have the option to remove images (saves ink). If you are not seeing the print link, you need to scroll back to the top of the post and click on the title. That should take you to just the one post. If you enter my blog through a link for a recipe, etc., you should see the print icon at the bottom. Please let me know if you still have problems.

  2. My mother used to make scalloped potatoes this way. She'd put pork chops on the top and bake it all together. Saved cooking the chops separately. The tastiest parts were the browned potato bits from where they touched the side of the casserole dish.

    I never made these myself and since my mother passed a number of years ago, I'm glad to have a recipe to recreate it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I'll have to make these soon (with pork chops on top!).

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories. Recipes that remind us of happy times with family members are so special. Adding the pork chops on top sounds interesting.