Thursday, August 4, 2016


When our younger son Patrick asked if we could come stay at their house for the weekend with grandchildren Madison and Tyler, I immediately started thinking of where we could take the kids that would be special and a lot of fun. We thought about the zoo but then I saw on Facebook where they had gone with their godparents two days before. Then I remembered a place (Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead) my friend Ellen had suggested to me a couple of years ago in Overland Park, KS that was a farm and she thought my grandkids would love it. (I mentioned it to my son but he thought it was too far to go and then I forgot about it.) When I told my husband about it, he thought it would be the perfect thing for us to do. AND IT WAS!

I hope you enjoy my many pictures of the was too hard to choice which ones to share. (We spent about 4 hours there in all. It is very reasonably priced and guaranteed to be a special outing for you and your little ones.)

In the one-room school house.

Brief rest with Grandad.

Just one of the swings we had to try out.
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Fun "milking" the cow.
They loved getting on the "horses" in the barn.

The Indian Village...

An elk hide.

They loved touching all the hides

Definite highlight of the day was riding the real ponies.

Then we took a break to eat lunch. You can't bring food or drink into the farm but the kids enjoyed the "brown bag lunch" for kids and we enjoyed our "Farmers Special" lunch. 

Then it was off to feed some of the sheep and many goats. Tyler was a little unsure at first when feeding the animals but he soon got the confidence to just hold out his hand with a piece of
"food" on it.

with Heritage turkeys

couldn't get enough of rubbing the animals

Fascinated with the large geese and a duck that kept diving in the water.
Enjoyed this beautiful statue in the butterfly garden, but didn't see a butterfly.
Had so much fun watching this little prairie dog.
One more swing to enjoy in the shade
I couldn't pass up taking a picture of one of the beautiful hanging baskets
or taking a picture of a sign/map
Enjoying ice cream and sitting at a table in front of a big fan

Tyler loved his chocolate ice cream and Grandad liked his Rocky Road

Back in the car and ready for the 40 minute ride back home
As we were driving out of the parking lot, Madison said she wanted to come back again with "Mommy, Daddy, Grandmother, and Grandad". They definitely enjoyed their day and so did we.

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