Wednesday, August 31, 2016


My husband doesn't hesitate taking a turn in the kitchen. Whenever we have fish, he always cooks it. He will usually cook anything we eat from the BBQ grill. He also will fix things he likes that he thinks I might not want to prepare. 

He first bought a prepared salad from our neighborhood HyVee Supermarket. He liked it so much he decided he was going to try to make his own. He researched and found several recipes online and after his second attempt (he was sorta blending the different recipes), came up with his own version of a recipe. 

He really likes it. I honestly haven't eaten because I don't do raw onions, but I trust him if he says it is good. He recently gave some of it to our younger son and he ate it with chips like a dip.


1           head cauliflower
1           head broccoli
2-3      stalks celery
3/4      medium red onion
2          cups mayo
2/3      cups sugar
2          tablespoons vinegar
1/2       cup sunflower seeds
2          tablespoons Old Bay seafood seasoning
3          teaspoons Dijon mustard
2/3      cup Parmesan cheese
12-14   strips of bacon

Break up florets of cauliflower 
and cauliflower. Cut into small pieces

Chop onion and celery into small pieces

Fry bacon until crispy and break into bacon bits.

Combine cauliflower, broccoli, onion, celery, and bacon bits.
Mix thoroughly. (A pasta fork works great doing this.)
(He started in a large bowl and had to change to a big bowl.)

Mix dressing in separate bowl: Combine mayo, sugar, vinegar, seafood seasoning, and Dijon mustard til creamy.

Toss into the other ingredients in the big bowl.

After thoroughly mixed, add Parmesan  cheese and sunflower seeds. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Chill and serve.

Other suggested add - ins: craisins, crushed pineapples, raisins, chopped nuts, sliced almonds


  1. How much bacon did he add? I see it in the pictures and description but not in the list of ingredients. This sounds yummy and a slightly-different take on a salad I make. Thanks.

    1. So sorry for my omission. He said he thought the original recipe called for 12 slices, but he probably put in 14. You can also not chop the broccoli and cauliflower as finely as he did. I saw a similar recipe recently and they had them cut more like chunks. Whatever your preference is. Again, I am going to have to do better about proofreading. Thank you so much for stopping by and caring enough to ask. Enjoy.

    2. Thanks for responding -- I was thinking 4 to 6, so that's good to know. Of course, that IS a big bowl and a lot of vege to complement.

    3. Yes, it makes a lot, but he really likes it. You could always just cut everything in half if you want to make a lesser amount.