Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I have been wanting to make this recipe for Cinnamon-Oat Crunch for weeks. I found it in a small cookbook at an estate sale that came with a KitchenAid 3  Speed Classic Blender. I don't have the blender but figured I could still use the recipes with my old blender.

Last Saturday morning I decided it was finally time. We woke up to rain falling and that inticed my husband to stay in bed longer than I wanted to. He likes to add granola to his yogurt and fruit for breakfast. It's been a while since we bought any. He will often change his mind when he reads the calorie and fat contents and will come home without any.

I followed the recipe precisely except my reduced fat cream cheese didn't come out of a "tub". It might not have been as soft then. The other thing since I didn't have the blender that might have made a difference also. My results were fine though. We were both happy with the results. If you don't have the blender either, you can experiment like I did to get the results.


1/2       cup whole wheat flour
1/2       cup packed brown sugar
1/4       cup rolled oats
1/2       teaspoon cinnamon
1/4       teaspoon salt
Dash nutmeg
1/4       cup light pasteurized process cream cheese product (from an 8 ounce tub)

Place all ingredients in the blender jar in the order listed.

Cover and blend at STIR, pulsing 3 or 4 times, about 5 seconds each time, until thoroughly mixed. (I did as instructed but the ingredients didn't mix. I also tried BLEND on my mixer. It finally worked but I had to use a knife to stir the ingredients in the jar. But I finally got the ingredients mixed thoroughly.)

Spread in a thin layer on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake until browned about 1 minute, stirring once. (I baked it for 2 minutes and stirred mixture with a wooden spoon.)

Cool completely. (This doesn't take too many minutes.)

Loosen mixture from baking sheet and crumble to desired size.

Serve over yogurt, frozen yogurt, fruit, or pudding, if desired.

Place any unused crunch in tightly covered container and store in refrigerator.

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