Thursday, August 6, 2015


Our MO son, Patrick, and his family are moving in a new place this week and we have been busy helping them out. It is such an exciting time for them. We hope they will be as happy in their new place as they have been in their first house these last 7 years.

Because we have been able to help them, I haven't been spending much time in the kitchen. When I went to Hillcrest on Tuesday to work my shift and Mark asked me what was for dessert, I had to tell him unfortunately there wasn't any. I told them I had picked out a recipe to try, but hadn't gotten home until 9:30 pm Monday night and was too tired after painting for about 5 hours to make it. They were all very understanding. I do think Mark said laughingly something like, "Well, it's okay, but you will just have to make sure next time...."  

Dil Lori and I did spend at least 5 hours painting Monday. She had intended to only paint the baseboard that had gotten messed up when the floor guys had refinished the hardwood floors, but when I showed up, she decided to go on and paint the doors, closet doors, and windows in all three bedrooms and hall. She did end up finishing the doors in the hall and bathroom as I went to "assist" when the internet guy came to put up the satellite dish.

Before my husband and I went up to the new house that morning, my son had told me to bring something that could be used in place of tape to keep the floor from getting painted. It is a pain to have to tape everything before painting trim, etc. So I went prepared with my dustpan, trowel, and a plastic ruler. Most of the time in the past I have used a metal dustpan, but as a last thought I saw my plastic ruler from my school teaching days and grabbed it. 

I am so glad I did. It worked great. As I was painting, I realized I should get some pictures and pass the tip along to you in case you might be doing some painting in the future. Here are my pictures.


Ruler in place....I just pushed it up flush with the baseboard.

I couldn't paint and take a picture at the same time....but this is what it looked like after I removed the ruler... (Depending on condition of baseboard, it may be necessary to go back and do some touch up after it dries, but using the ruler will make this a breeze.)

I purposely chose a spot in the room to take my pictures where the painter didn't paint down to the top of the baseboard when the room was painted. Hopefully they left some paint so Lori can go back and touch up some places with a tiny brush.

Just in case, I did wipe the ruler on a towel after I picked it up each time. I didn't want it to have any excess paint that might get on the floor. I would also recommend that you have a wet paper towel or thin wet towel to quickly clean up any "accidents". Nobody is perfect!

Hope this tip will make it easier for you the next time you are painting trim. 

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