Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Because this is my grandson, Tyler's first Halloween, I decided to make him a jack-o-lantern bib.  The idea just came to of those creative moments I sometimes have. 

I was in Wal-mart picking up a few things before going on our vacation and decided to look at the fall and Halloween items.  That's when I saw the orange handtowels.  I had seen some bibs when Janice and I were shopping for "Baby's First Halloween" and considered buying one for him, but didn't.  

When I saw the orange towel, I didn't see an orange towel....I saw a jack-o-lantern bib. 

I used a piece of black material for the face,  some flannel to layer in the middle to give the bib a little more "body" or thickness and a black Halloween print for the back. You can trace around a bib you might have for a pattern.  I used a pattern template I found on the purl bee for their liberty bibs. I added two inches to their pattern to make mine longer.  My finished bib is about 8" wide, 14" long, and with a 3-1/2" round opening for neck after snapped.



1   orange handtowel
1   scrap of black cotton fabric (about 5" x 7") for the face
1   piece of fabric for the back (about 10" x 15")
1   piece of flannel (about 10" x 15")
1   bib pattern
1   piece (about 5" x 7") of paperbacked adhesive  transfer web


 - From the handtowel, the fabric for the back, and the piece of flannel cut one each of the bib pattern. 

 - On a piece of paper, draw the shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth for the jack-o-lantern to fit the front of the bib.  Make sure they will fit on the scrap of black fabric.

  - Cut the piece of Pelon Wonder Web the same size as the black scrap. 
 - Place the rough side of Wonder-Under to the wrong side of the fabric.
 - With the iron on dry and cotton, press for 5 - 8 seconds . 
 - Let cool.
 - Draw the desired shapes onto the paper backing side

  - Cut the shapes out.
  - Gently pull back the paper backing 



 - Position fusible fabric web side down on the bib.
 - Cover with a DAMP press cloth.


 - With iron at wool setting, press firmly 10 - 15 seconds.  (ALWAYS use a damp cloth.)

 - Layer the three bib pieces as if it were a sandwich with the backing wrong side up, then flannel, and finally the towel with jack-o-lantern face up.

 - Applique the face on the bib using a close zigzag stitch on your machine.

 - Stitch 1/2 inch from the outer edge of the bib to hold the three layers together.

 - Trim away any excess to even up the edges of the three layers.

 - Clip around the edge close to the stitch about 1/4" apart for the edges to "rag" if you like.

 - Attach a heavy duty snap or velcro for a fastener.
 Now I can't wait to see Mr. Tyler wearing it.

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