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(I originally wrote this post to cover the first two full days in Williamsburg as not much happened on Sunday, our first day. But I realized it was going to be way too long with my pictures from the second day.  I have already published a post for my perfect pumpkin pancakes, but I have since decided to go on and publish this first day also and then tell you about our second day tomorrow.)   

In my last installment, I forgot to say that after we ate, we stopped by a Target that is less than half a mile from King's Creek.  We got milk, cereal, fruit, drinks, bread, peanut butter....all those things that you could use in a condo with a full kitchen. 

So our first morning in Williamsburg, we were able to enjoy a less than exciting breakfast but just as filling. 

* * * * * *
(If I could interrupt this narrative with a TIP ALERT.  

Before we left KC, I prepackaged my oatmeal for breakfast once we got to Williamsburg.  It worked out great and didn't take up much room at all in my suitcase.  

Here is what I did. I measured 1/3 cup of quick oats, a dash of salt, and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and put it all in a ziplock sandwich bag.  All I had to do when ready to eat was measure 2/3 cup of water, pour in a small mixing bowl provided in the kitchen, empty oats mixture, stir, and cook in microwave for 1-1/2 minutes on high.  Stir.  Pour in my cereal bowl and eat.  Never tasted better.)

* * * * * *

When we purchased our 4 - day, 3 - night, all-the-golf-you-can-play vacation back in February at the Golf Expo, we didn't realized King's Creek Plantation was a "time-share".  When we scheduled our visit, and they sent us our confirmation, we saw we had to attend their promotion to get the four free tickets to Colonial Williamsburg, CW to the locals.  

Our scheduled appointment time was that Sunday morning, our first morning in Williamsburg.  So we left Janice and Leon relaxing in the condo, while we went to listen to all the great things about King's Creek Plantation.  We have owned a Marriott "Time-Share" in Palm Desert, CA for ten or more years, so we were familiar with what was going to happen.  

Well, to make a long story short, about four hours later, we walked out of the appointment and back to the condo and Janice and Leon having traded our time-share with Marriott with King's Creek Plantation.  Since we were gone longer than the 90 minutes we had told them we would be, they had just about figured out what we had done.  

We love the area (having been there on several vacations) and think we will be very happy with our new time-share. 

Here are some pictures of King's Creek Plantation.

The entrance.  You can see the Villas in the background.  They sleep 16.

The other side of the entrance.

The guard house.

The Aquatic Center that has a large indoor pool, sauna, fitness room, small gift/convenience store, concierge, and check-in desk.

Very good BBQ cooked on-site.

A Putt-Putt and playground area.

More of the playground area.

A cottage that sleeps at least 8.

The townhomes.  We were on the second floor on the right.  Our unit had two bedrooms with a bonus room (den-like with a sleeper sofa), living room, dinning room, kitchen, and laundry closet.  It will sleep at least 6.

This large pool area was at the end of our building.  All of the outdoor pools are filled with salt water.  There are several on the grounds.

I didn't get a picture of the front of the Villas.

Since it was almost the middle of the afternoon, once again we found ourselves looking for a place to eat "linner".    We hadn't had time to really check out the area and possible eating places, so when we saw a Golden Corral, we decided to eat there.  (Except for one more time, when we will stop at a Subway and take our sandwiches back to the condo to eat before heading out for the afternoon, that was the last time we ate at a "chain" restaurant.  I always enjoy eating at local places when I travel.)  Leon would say the best thing about eating at the Golden Corral was that they sold whole pies and cakes and so we bought a whole lemon meringue pie to take back to our condo.

After we ate, we drove around looking for a Play It Again Sports (they had moved from the address in the phone book) so my husband could buy some golf clubs to play golf the next morning.  He planned to sell them back before we left, but decided to keep them and only returned (resold) the golf bag to them.

Since we had eaten lunch so late, no one was really hungry for dinner.  After eating a piece of the pie, my husband and I taught Janice and Leon how to play Liverpool Rummy, a card game we used to play with friends in CA.  They enjoyed the game and we enjoyed playing it several more times during our stay.

At the end of the day, it didn't seem like we had done much that day. (our days had been so FULL up til now), but actually we had.  My husband and I had made a big decision about our "time-share" and a day of rest is always good for everyone.

Wanna find out what happened the next day? HERE.

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