Wednesday, October 7, 2015


We were only minutes away from the largest mall in America aptly named Mall of America when we went to Minnesota a few weeks ago. Planning to go (just to see what it was like and to say we had been), we spent most of our free time going to historical places. 

Saturday before one of my husband's fraternity brothers and his wife flew back to Texas, we agreed to meet them there for a few hours. We were out at a quilt shop about 15 minutes away when they called to say they had checked out of the hotel and were on their way to the mall. We pulled into the parking lot when they called to say they had arrived and would be waiting for us. Well, it took us another 15 minutes in the parking garage to find a place to park. 

Lonnie had done his research and already had a place picked out for us to eat (something besides "Juicy Lucys" - that's another story in itself). So after finally finding them, we did enjoy a delicious lunch at Crave. 
They also had planned to go to the aquarium having purchased their tickets online before they even left Texas. They had to wait a little bit (not too long at all) to buy our tickets. 

I knew the mall had an amusement park in the center of it and was several stores tall, but I wasn't prepared for the magnitude and the noise. Of course, it was Saturday and the weekend before school was scheduled to start on Tuesday so that might have explained some of it.

Enjoy some of my pictures I took while inside the aquarium, Sea Life Aquarium of Minnesota. We were walking through a glass tunnel to see the marine life.

My husband and Lonnie


Only thing that held still for me to take picture..... 
Lonnie and Ginger really wanted to ride one of the roller coasters, we? not so much. But they did talk us into riding the calmest one.

By the time we did that and stopped into Hard Rock Cafe to get a drink, it was time for them to leave to go catch the plane. I have to admit, the only shop we went into was L.L.Bean, that is where we were originally supposed to meet them. The mall was so crowded and so noisy, my husband and I decided to leave also and go back to our place.

It had been a fun few hours. The aquarium is pretty awesome. I wish my pictures had turned out better, but as I said, I didn't get much co-operation from the "subjects".

Since I mentioned the Juicy Lucy earlier, I will quickly share two different restaurants where my husband and I went that feature Minneapolis's famous Juicy Lucy. 

My husband and I had discovered the 5 - 8 Club and ate their on Wednesday for lunch. That's when we heard of the Juicy Lucy. This club has quite a history, originally being a Speak Easy during prohibition. We liked it a lot. We didn't eat a Juicy Lucy, which is like a double burger with cheese and other ingredients that are stuffed in the middle before the burger is cooked. The edges are sealed before they cook it so that when it is done, it just looks like a thick burger until you bite into it.

A couple of his fraternity brothers had heard of the other restaurant on the Food channel and had decided we would all meet their for lunch the day of the game.

Matt's Bar claims to be the home of the Jucy Lucy. Did you notice they leave out the "i"? Anyway, my husband and I decided to give it a try this time since everyone else was also eating it. (It was okay. I can say I have eaten one. Guess I am just not a Minnesotan.)

Our waitress at the 5 - 8 club told us that the two restaurants enjoy a fun rivalry. If you ever visit Minneapolis, you will probably hear about the sandwich.

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