Thursday, October 8, 2015


When Friend Janice bought me a bag filled with Amish cookbooks at an estate sale a month ago for just $2.00, she chose one to put in her bag. Being a true friend, though, when I asked her if I could borrow it, she said I could.

The cookbook is called Authentic Amish Cooking The Wooden Spoon Cookbook. Seventeen year old Miriam Miller shares over 500 heirloom family favorites along with a generous sprinkling of personal stories. I found several recipes I wanted to try, but this one for Ice Cream Pudding was just too easy and simple to not try when I wanted something sweet in the house. 


3/4      cup milk
1           small box instant pudding (any flavor)
1           pint ice cream, softened (2 cups if you are measuring from a larger container of ice cream)

Mix milk and pudding in a bowl til pudding is smooth.

Add the ice cream.

Beat with a wire whisk til smooth.

(Pour into a large bowl or individual serving dishes.) Sprinkle Oreo cookies or Ritz crackers on top. 

I used a vanilla sugar-free instant pudding and skim milk. My husband likes Black Walnut ice cream so I used that for the flavor of ice cream. I also added 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice and crumbled/sprinkled some pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies that I had made on top. (See recipe here on my Dil Sara's blog Our Heartspun Homeschool.) It was quite tasty!

I can't wait to try different flavors of pudding and ice cream.


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    1. It is and the great thing is you can use any flavors you want!