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Because my grandson Tyler liked his Jack-O-lantern t-shirt I made him last year so much, I decided to make him another one this year. He is now 3-1/2 so I know his "likes" this year. He just loves Mickey Mouse. I got the idea to make him a Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lantern shirt this year when I saw a Hallmark card with just that on it. 

This isn't the one on the card, but what do you think?

I searched on Google and found templates for the ears and the face. Following are the links...

Template for Mickey Mouse's ears here. I used the large pattern.

Template for Mickey's face here.

I ironed them on using Pellon Wonder-Under Transfer Web. 

I didn't take pictures as I made it since I had taken pictures when I made one for my 2 - year old grandson, Henry, last week. Henry loves Batman. I originally intended to do him a Batman Jack-O-Lantern but when I searched on Google for Batman masks templates, I found this really darling one that looked like a Batman Boy and decided to just do it. I still used the orange t-shirt I had bought. You can find the Batman mask template here.

Here is a picture of Henry's Batman t-shirt.

 The Pellon Wonder-Under Transfer Web is iron-on pellon with paper on one side. This allows you to iron the product onto the fabric you are using for the pattern, then draw your pattern on the paper side, peel it off, and then iron it to your clothes. If you like you can leave it with no sewing involved or you can sew around the edges to make sure it stays on the clothing item.

I printed the template I found online.

Cut it out...

I measured a piece of the pellon to make sure I had a piece big enough for the pattern and also the fabric I was going to use and ironed it on the wrong side of the fabric. (Place rough side of Wonder-Under against wrong side of fabric. Press for 5 - 8 seconds with hot dry iron. Let cool.)

Draw the template pattern onto the pellon...

Cut it out with sharp scissors...

Carefully peel off the paper backing...You will be able to see if you got a good coverage of the fusible when you pull the paper backing off.

Position the piece on your clothing with the web side down (right side of the fabric will be up).

Set your iron at Wool setting with no steam. Cover the area with a DAMP press cloth.

Press down firmly for 10 - 15 seconds over area.
Repeat, lifting and overlapping iron until all fabric is fused.

I then decided to cut the two narrow strips to make the lips and pressed them on.  Even though they had a complete coverage on the backside, they didn't "stick" the first time and I had to use a smaller iron I have for small areas. 

My dil Sara sent me this picture of Henry in the shirt. Isn't he just the cutest thing? Of course, I'm not prejudice.

I am making my youngest granddaughter Madison a ghost t-shirt, but I am not finished with it. The pellon did not stick on one area of the "fancy" fabric I bought so I am going to sew it down. I ironed it on so that it will stay in place while I sew around the edges of the ghost, but I still need to do that. I will come back and add a picture of it when I get that finished later today. I pinned the bow on so that when dil Lori washes it, she can remove the bow. 

UPDATE! I have Madison's shirt finished. I sewed around the edges of the ghost with the applique stitch on my sewing machine, and I sewed the buttons on for the eyes.

Here is a picture of it. 

Now, I can't wait to see Tyler and Madison in their shirts. I will share the pictures with you here.

UPDATE!!!! Here are the pictures I promised. They were so cute when they first saw them.


Madison wouldn't let me take a picture of her alone with her shirt on so this is the best I could do. She is having fun with her grandad

I also wanted to share the "Jack-O-Lantern Jell-O Cups" we made. Well, I mixed up the orange Jell-O and added some applesauce to it. I decorated two cups for them and then they had fun decorating some of their own.

We just used a permanent marker to draw the faces on the cups.

Here is a link to see the shirt I made Tyler last year. It was much simpler than the Mickey Mouse one I made this year, but I think he will really like it. You can also find a link there for a bib I made Tyler the year before.

If you would like to see some other fun things I have done for Halloween in the past you can check them out here.

I hope you have a fun Halloween.

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