Thursday, October 22, 2015


Last Friday Friend Janice and I decided to go to garage sales for a change. We managed to find a few things and I even found a lady selling some of her cookbooks. I asked her how could she part with them as they were such good looking ones. She said it was hard, but she had so many. (Sounds like me. I need to get rid of some of mine.) Well, I found so many recipes in the three cookbooks that I can't wait to try.

One of the cookbooks was called AMONG FRIENDS - JUST a MATTER of THYME with recipes by Roxie Kelley and Friends. The beautiful illustrations were done by Shelly Reeves-Smith. Among Friends is(was) a small greeting card company near Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri that was started in the 90s. This cookbook (there were two more I could have bought at the garage sale but didn't - darn!) was published in 1998. I couldn't find out if the company is still operating or not. According to the book jacket, Roxie had formerly owned a restaurant and many of the recipes were hers there and then others came from family and friends. 

This Chicken Soup Au Gratin was the first recipe I tried. I usually just make vegetable soups or bean soups, but this one just sounded too good (and easy) not to make. Well, it was soooooooo good .... especially with my Cheese Biscuits.


2       chicken breasts, whole (I actually used about 8 chicken tenders)
1/2    teaspoon salt
2       cups water
1/2    cup onion, chopped (I just used some onion powder)
1/2    cup chopped carrots
1/2    cup diced celery
1      (10 - ounce) can cream of chicken soup
1/2    cup milk or Half 'n Half (I did just use skim milk)
dash of freshly ground pepper
1       cup cheddar cheese, grated

Simmer chicken in the salted water until tender. (I covered the pan with the lid.)

Remove the skin and bone (if you used whole chicken breasts), and dice.

Boil the vegetables in the broth until tender. (I covered the pan with the lid while cooking) 
(I cooked them about 20 minutes while I pulled the chicken apart and prepared the other ingredients.)

(Combine the soup, milk, and pepper in a medium size bowl.) 
Gradually stir in the mixture into the pan with the cooked vegetables.....stirring constantly. 

Heat thoroughly. Add the chicken.(I brought it back to a boil and then reduced the heat and covered the pan.) 

Add the cheese and stir until cheese melts.
(I continued to cook mine on low until the cheese biscuits were done covered.)

Serves 4.

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