Wednesday, June 10, 2015


37 calorie brownies. Sounds like a winner, doesn't it?  I have seen them on Facebook a number of times, but never tried them. Mainly because I know the picture featured is not a picture of the 37 calorie brownies. The brownies in the picture appears to have frosting on them. I really dislike when someone falsely represents a recipes. The poster even had a subtitle saying. "(If you don't save these to your wall, then you are NUTS.. who doesn't love brownies??)

It reminds me of another post I still see occasionally for a recipe for a flourless, eggless, dairyless, no sugar added applesauce cookie. The cookie looked delicious in the picture and so I decided to give it a try. The result was not as represented. The cookie was fine, but it didn't look anything like the picture given with the recipe. You can read about my experience HERE. I called them Less Cookies.

Anyway, as I was saying, I have passed the posts with the 37 calorie brownies by every time I have seen them. Then Sunday, Friend Fran brought me a copy of the recipe that she had printed. She said she thought of me when she saw it (she knows I like to cut calories as much as I can) and thought I would want to try it. It was quite a discussion between Fran, Friend Janet, and me. BUT I told Fran I would give them a try and let her know how they turned out. 

I didn't wait long. Later that afternoon, I didn't have anything better to do and so I found myself in my kitchen with the recipe in my hand. After I started them, I thought I wasn't going to have enough cocoa powder, but I had exactly 1/2 cup. Since the recipe called for 3/4 cup nonfat Greek yogurt (the poster said she used vanilla), I used one of my Activia vanilla Greek yogurts (5.3 ounces) and a spoonful or two of my husband's plain Greek yogurt. I wasn't sure about the 1/2 cup Truvia (or any natural/stevia based sweetener that pours like sugar). The truvia that I buy is the stevia/sugar baking blend, but it uses half of the amount required in a recipe. Since the recipe said "pours like sugar" that means to me 1:1. I had stevia in the raw that measures 1:1 so that is what I used. Personally a blend would definitely make them a little more sweeter but then I doubt that would be 37 calories/a brownie.

Well, just as I expected my result did not look like the picture. The recipe made a moist brownie that is NOT sweet at all. I didn't like the brownie AT ALL, but my husband liked them. I took one to Fran the next day and she wasn't real excited over them either. I would think maybe my husband has strange taste buds, but later in the day, Fran sent me a text telling me that her (adult) daughter LOVED the brownies. 

Sooooooo, so far the taste tester results are 2 : 2. I told Fran I planned to share them here on my blog and let my readers decide if they wanted to try them. 

I would highly recommend storing them in the refrigerator as I noticed this morning they were starting to mold. I had them under a glass domed cake stand in my kitchen. As I said the recipe produced a really moist brownie. 

If you decide to give them a try, I would love to hear your opinion. 


3/4      cup nonfat Greek yogurt (I used vanilla)
1/4       cup skim milk
1/2       cup cocoa powder
1/2       cup Old fashioned rolled oats
1/2       cup stevia
1           egg
1/3       cup unsweetened applesauce
1           teaspoon baking powder
1           pinch salt

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease a square baking dish (8 x 8 - inches)

Combine all ingredients (in the order listed) in a blender
and blend until smooth (about 1 minute).

Pour into pan 

and bake for 15 minutes.

Allow to cool completely

before cutting into 9 large squares.

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