Saturday, January 18, 2014


I have seen pictures of many different hanging bird seed feeders.  I love watching the birds in our yard and kept saying. "I want to try those."

I saw several different "recipes" but when I decided a week or so ago that I was finally going to try them, I settled for a recipe from saltwater kids.

To show you this idea has really been on my mind, several weeks ago when Janice and I were hitting the "Estate Sale Trail", I decided to buy these cute little pans just to make the hanging feeders.  We actually see these little pans all the time at estate sales, and we don't really know what the people had them for.  What do you think?  Any ideas?  I got the bigger one this past week.

Anyway, back to the recipe.  I mixed it up following saltwater kids' recipe.  I followed their recipe except for using wax paper to turn the ornaments out on when you remove them from the molds.  I just used my cookie sheet.  

I was even thinking about being healthy for the birds and made them using my whole wheat pastry flour.  I stirred so that all the seeds got covered with the mixture, pressed the seeds in the molds, let them dry in the molds, turned them out of the molds after 3 hours, and then my husband wanted to check them out and picked up one of the cute little ones, and it broke into 3 pieces.  I'm sorry, but I hit him....not hard....just a little pat on his arm.  I couldn't believe he did it (not that it was all his fault.)

Actually, it wasn't all his fault.  The big one broke on me two days later when I finally decided to add the ribbon and hang one.  I wasn't totally surprised because it was a little big. (You have to make sure you have enough molds/cookie cutters to use when you get it mixed up)  The next time I make some, I won't use the bigger mold.  I will have to figure out something else to use it for.

The problem, in my opinion, is their recipe called for too much bird seed and not enough "sticky mixture".  My solution, is to reduce the amount of bird seed.

So here is my version of the recipe:


3/4     cup flour 
1/2     cup water
1        envelope unflavored gelatin
3        tablespoon corn syrup
3        cups birdseed

Combine the flour, water unflavored gelatin and corn syrup in a large bowl.

Add the birdseed.  

Stir well to make sure all the birdseed is covered.  (If it seems like you could add a little bit more birdseed, do, but just don't add too want the birdseed to hold (stick) together.

Spray the molds with cooking spray. Press the mixture into the molds.

If you are using a cookie cutter or something that requires a hold to run the ribbon for hanging, poke a hold using a drinking straw. Just make sure the hole goes all the way through.

Allow to dry 3 hours.

Then gently remove from molds or lift up the cookie cutter.
Turn the ornaments over so that it can dry completely through.  

Allow to dry overnight for best results.

Cut ribbon and thread through the hold for hanging.

Here is a picture of the big one that broke when I picked it up to tie a ribbon through the hole. (I had picked it up several times and this hadn't happened.)  It wouldn't have held up anyway so I am actually glad it happened then instead of after hanging it outside. 

Anyway, I just took one half of it and placed it in a water dish we have for the birds in the back yard.  This is what I did with the little one that my husband broke up and it didn't last long at all.

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