Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I really hate to think about how many jars I have thrown away and unfortunately not recycled because of the candle wax still in the jar. Not any more though.  Not since I started using a "warmer" for my jar candles instead of burning them.  

Okay maybe not immediately.  I probably got the idea when I used the warmer to be able to enjoy the last little bit of the candle scent when the wick no longer worked.  You have certain candle scents that you just LOVE.  

Then one day it hit me.....I could use the warmer to also clean the last wax from the jar and then recycle the jar.  And I did that .... until one day when I finished getting the wax out of the jar, I thought.....What a pretty jar!  I could use this for.....  

That's when I started saving the "neat" jars to reuse as a candy dish or a vase, etc.  Now I donate most of the clean jars to Hillcrest Thrift Shop for them to sell.  You can only have so many candy dishes or vases, etc.

It really is an easy process.  

Start with your candle jar.

Using a "warmer"...

Melt the last of the candle wax in the you can multi-task and relax or do some other chores.... AND enjoy that scent just a little bit longer.

You will need to prepare someplace to pour the melted wax.  I use an empty cracker box (a cereal box works well also) stuffed with newspaper or paper towels....just something to absorb the wax without making a mess.  You don't want the melted wax seeping through the bottom of the box.
When you are ready, carefully and slowly pour the wax in the box.  The jar shouldn't be hot, but test it before you pick up the jar without a mitt or towel.  If weather permits, you can do this outside.

If too much of the wax cools during this process and coats the side of the jar, you can place it back on the warmer and melt it again.  Otherwise you can fill the jar with boiling water to melt the last little bit.  Pour the water/melted wax outside not down your drain.

Then clean the jar 

If you need some help getting the sticky residue off the jar from the labels, here is another great tip.....Use baby oil.  I like it even better than that goo - off stuff you can buy.

Just put some baby oil on a cotton ball....

and rub...

all done.  I really worked hard trying to get a good picture to show it was all gone.  Finally I sat the jar on a placemat and looked down into the jar....clear bottom.

Here is the jar I started with at the beginning all finished

Some jars I have cleaned...

The Wood Wick candle on the left was really interesting.  The purple "melted" into the glass...or whatever you would call it.  Anyway the color won't come out, but I think that makes the jar really unique and pretty.

Here is one I used as a flower vase...

and my most recent favorite ... a candy dish


  1. To clean my jars of any remaining wax residue I simply let the wax dry completely and then take a butter knife and run it around the edges. It always just pops right out then and I am able to wash the jar with hot water and dish soap or put it in the dishwasher. You get a nice clean jar and it can be used for various other things as the originator of this post has stated. :-)

  2. I'd like to add. To remove wax from jar, place in freezer, 6 hours or even overnight if you forget. use butter knife for assistance depending on shape of jar and it will pop out without handling hot or warm wax. Also, if there is a thin layer of wax, use above freezer method ie fill with ice cold water and pop it out,! Marji

  3. I have used this method also Marji. Thanks.