Tuesday, December 25, 2012


"Christmas in Kansas City" is a song heard on the radio often here in December.  Well, last night we had our Christmas "Eve" in Kansas City with Patrick, Lori, Madison, and Tyler.  Since moving here a little over four years ago, that has become our traditional Christmas celebration in Kansas City.

This year we had an extra family member at the table....Mr. Tyler's first Christmas.  Hard to believe that in three days he will be ten months old. He hasn't "cut" a tooth yet, but I don't think it will be long.  Everything went to his mouth.  He is also getting used to us,  so he is smiling more around us.  He has the cutest dimples.  He was able to tear into his Christmas presents as you will see in some of the pictures.  

Madison is  almost 2 years and 5 months old.  She is talking more and has also learned how to quickly unwrap presents.  She was very pleased with her presents and Tyler's presents, too.  She is always on the move. I have a couple of pictures to prove my point.  I decided to share them with you so you could see.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures.  Christmas is so much fun through the eyes of a child(ren).

Fun Playing Before Opening Presents:
Tyler likes to "stand" behind the baby grand piano.

 Mommy looking on.

"Give me a push, Tyler."

  "I can do this myself...
well almost."

 I LOVE to rock.

I actually got her to sit still long enough to get a pretty picture.

There's that cute smile.

Finally Time To Open The Presents:
 Madison had her first one almost opened before I had my camera ready.

 Tyler was a little slower.

The camera couldn't capture it, but Madison squealed in excitement when she saw what this was.

Tyler's getting the idea.

 Play Time:

Madison liked playing with Tyler's toys, too.

Tyler liked his presents, but he really liked the boxes that he could stand up by.


Playing with "Mommy" in the floor was lots of fun too.

 "Now, if I just knew what I was supposed to do next."

She almost stayed still long enough....

One last picture with "Daddy" before it was time to go home.

Mr. Tyler with "Grandad".

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas "Eve" or what ever "day" is your tradition. 


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