Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I have seen these scarves for sale at holiday marts, etc. and admired them. I didn't realize until last week that I had "penned" the directions on Pinterest 46 weeks ago.  

Several days ago I decided I needed to do something to keep me entertained at night while watching television besides the computer.  That's when I usually find something I can knit or crochet.  I like to make my granddaughters in CO scarves each winter and decided to looks at my pens and see if I found anything that looked interesting but not too hard.  I had to go almost to the end of my pens (the earliest ones) when I found the pen for the Potato Chip Scarf. I had remembered the name (who could forget a name like that?) but didn't really remember what the scarf looked like. Supposedly it is named potato chip scarf because you can't knit just one.

I wanted to change the name of it, but when I googled Potato Chip Scarf, it came right up.  The first 4 or 5 were crocheted, but then I found a couple that were knitted.  One was the blog I had penned.  Another one had different directions.  And then a couple had you using circular needles and casting on like 120 stitches.  I am not really interested in doing the latter, but I might try the second one sometime to see how different it looks.

It is really an easy pattern (the one I used) and doesn't take a long time to make it.  I only knit in the evening, but after 3 or 4 evenings, I had it finished.  

I like the ruffle look it has under my leather jacket.  It also really keeps your neck warm as it can be worn high on the back of your neck.


You will need 200 yards of a worsted weight yarn.
Needle sizes 9, 10, or 11.  (I used 10.5)

Cast on 20 stitches.

Row 1:  Knit 8, turn, knit back to beg
Row 2:  Knit 6, turn, knit back to beg
Row 3:  Knit 4, turn, knit back to beg
Row 4:  Knit all the way across (20 sts)
Rep these 4 rows until you have your desired length.  Bind off.

Here are pictures of what each row looked like:

Row 1: Knit 8, turn, knit back to beg

Row 2: Knit 6, turn, knit back to beg

Row 3: Knit 4, turn, knit back to beg

Row 4: Knit all the way across (20 sts)

Row 5:  Knit 8, turn, knit back to beg
(you are now on the other side)

Row 6: Knit 6, turn, knit back to beg

Row 7: Knit 4, turn, knit back to beg

Row 8: Knit all the way across (20 sts)
(You are now back to the other side.)

I used Bernat Softee Chunky yarn because I had 4 skeins of it (each 164 Yds). I did use about 200 yards and it ended up being about 36 inches long.

I plan to try one in a lighter weight yarn.  I think you can get different looks according to what yarn you used.  I also will be using smaller needles maybe even an 8.

UPDATE!  I did do another one using Bernat Soft Boucle yarn and #8 needles.  I also made it longer than the red one.  It is 48 inches long.  I almost used the whole 5 oz/140 g skein.  It is so warm around my neck.  I have two pictures to show you because in one of the pictures, the yarn looks blue.  But as you can see in the other picture, it is purple.


  1. Thanks for this! Not only is the scarf cute, but mention of the leather jacket made me realize that this is all I need to reconcile myself to a leather jacket that I loved until I decided it looks too masculine on my figure. The ruffled scarf will fix that, and it looks pretty quick. Maybe I can finish one before winter disappears.

    1. I love my leather jacket. The scarf is really quick. I have made another one since this post just haven't gotten a picture of it on here. Making another scarf now but a different pattern that I plan to write about soon. Thanks for you comment.