Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 I recently saw this angel ornament made from a large butterfly clip and decided it would be a good favor for the ladies at Hope Circle's table at the Women's Christmas Tea at Platte Woods United Methodist Church.  This tea is held the first Tuesday night in December and "officially" kicks off the holiday season for the women in the church.  (I imagine most of the women are well into the holiday season by this time, but anyway it is a really nice affair with men in the church serving the hot water or coffee and wearing  white shirts and black bowties. (I plan to show pictures and share recipes from last night, but give me a day or two.)

It took me longer to find the large butterfly clips than it did for me to make 10 of these darling little "angels".  I finally found them at Office Max.  I got the pearls at Hobby Lobby and the red ribbon at Hillcrest Thrift Shop where I volunteer.

You need a large "butterfly" clip (#1 large IDEAL clamps at Office Max), a 12 mm pearl bead, 1/8 inch ribbon, a needle and thread.

Cut the narrow ribbon at least 11 inches long.  Fold it in half bringing the cut ends together.

Thread a needle with thread and knot the end of the thread.  1) Insert the needle close to the end of the "ends of ribbon" and 2) insert the needle through the hole of the bead.  (I used a tapestry needle to "clear" out the hole if it needed it so the ribbon would go through)   3) and 4)  Carefully pull the ribbon through the hole of the bead.  

Cut the thread and remove the knot.

With the clip laying so that the "wings" are closest to you, bring the looped end of the ribbon under the wings (5) and then pull the cut ends of the ribbon through the loop. (6)

Pull the ribbon to tighten the knot.

(8) Move the bead down to the knot and make another knot with the open ends and "move" it down close to the bead before tightening it.(9)

Then tie a knot in the open ends close to ends.

Everyone was really pleased and surprised to have such a cute angel to take home as a memory of our fun evening. 

Here is mine on a small tree by my front door.


  1. This is adorable. Thank you for sharing. A friend of mine made this but also added a "Pandora" style bead to the top of the top of the bead to work as a halo! These are available at Micheal's or your local craft store in the beading dept. for a pittance

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Orly. I made them and gave them as a favor at a Christmas tea at my church. Everyone loved them.