Saturday, December 1, 2012


I don't have a lot of time because I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas decorating.  Should I break out in a song....."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"?

Anyway, this time of the year means going up and down a gazillion times the retractable stairs to the attic.  It is warmer than normal so that means it isn't cold up there, but I guess it really doesn't matter because after a few trips it wouldn't feel cold even if it were.

I can't wait to get it all done and then I can share pictures.  I will as soon as I get everything finished.

Last year I didn't bring down my Christmas dishes.  I know, can you believe it?  Anyway this year I decided if I didn't bring them down and use them, I should get rid of them. 

When I brought them down and started unpacking them to wash, I remembered that some had "scratches" from the eating utensils.  As it turned out only one did.  (I darkened the picture as much as I could because even though the scratches were very visible, they weren't in my picture.)

I saw this tip on Pinterest earlier this year and thought I would try it and see if it worked.  The "pin" showed using liquid Bar Keeper's Friend, but I looked everywhere and couldn't find the liquid.  I finally found the powder and bought it.

I wet the plate and then sprinkled some on the plate where the scratches were.

Then with a wet rag I rubbed very hard just in the area of the scratches.  I didn't want to take a chance rubbing over the decorations on the plate. (It probably would be okay, but why take a chance.  The scratches weren't there anyway.)

I rinsed off the plate and most of them were gone.  I just sprinkled some more on and rubbed a little bit more, rinsed the plate off again and the scratches were all gone.


I am so happy.  I can't believe these dishes have held up so well.  I do have to admit, that I have always washed them by hand.  I didn't want the gold to wear off from washing them in the dishwasher.  I'm not sure how long I have had them, but it has been a while.  I remember I bought them at K-Mart when we were living in CA.  

I still store them in the original boxes just like they were when I bought.   

For inexpensive dishes, they are really pretty.  Don't you think?

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