Monday, December 17, 2012


UPDATE!  After I wrote this and posted it yesterday, Hazel, my home economics teacher from high school who later married a young man from my hometown, wrote me on Facebook that Mother and "Miss" Ruby, the wife of the minister, made these and gave them to all the ladies in the church.   She still has hers and considers it a special keepsake from both of them.  That is so nice to know that Mother was sharing her love to many, many people.  She was a very special person.

This is a special gift my mother gave me for Christmas several years before she died.  I think she got it at a craft fair.  Even when she was living, it was very special to me.  Now that she isn't here for me to call or see, it is especially special to me. 

I know that it is really only a wooden block wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a narrow red ribbon, but I also know that when she bought it and gave it to me, she was giving me a box with (her) love inside.  

The "tag" with the poem on it is getting a little worn and delicate so I have to be careful with it, but that just makes it that much more special to me.

This is a very special gift
That you can never see.
The reason it's so special is
It's just for you from me.

Whenever you are lonely
    or even feeling blue,
You only have to hold this gift
And know I think of you.

You never can unwrap it.
Please leave the ribbon tied.
Just hold the box close to your heart,
It's filled with love inside.

I love you, Mother.

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