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I didn't intend to take so long before I shared with you the pictures and recipes from the Women's Christmas Tea at my church, Platte Woods United Methodist Church this past Tuesday night.  I guess this is probably a busy time for everyone.  Some days last week I wasn't able to do half of what I needed to do.  I still have to get the tree decorated but that is another story completely....hopefully this week I can get it done and I will share pictures of it along with my other decorations.

It all started back in early November when Rita sent me a message on fb asking if Hope Circle was going to have a table at the Christmas Tea.  I think I mentioned before that the tea is the first Tuesday of December.  The round tables will seat 10 "ladies" and someone volunteers to "host" the table.  This means decorating and providing the "treats" for everyone sitting at the table. Anyway I told Rita we would probably have a table and that I would ask Janice to help me host it.  

A week or two later, Janice and I were out on our Friday outing and I saw these Christmas dishes with glasses and cups in a box I was looking through.  "Janice, wouldn't these look good for the Christmas Tea?" I asked. There were 12 salad/dessert plates, 5 cups, and not sure how many glasses.  They were the holly and berry pattern. I asked the lady how much the plates were. Since I needed 10 and she only had 5 cups, I didn't want the cups.  She told me I could have the plates for $5.00.  (I soon regretted not buying the 5 cups.) 

The next week Janice and I were at an estate sale in a historic area of Kansas City, KS and found the pattern again.  The pieces were all 50 cents/piece.  Janice had decided to get 4 extra sets so that she could use them with her family when they got together for Christmas.  We got the two plates and 14 goblets (for water at the tea) and 4 cups (all they had) ....all for $10.00.  We were set for the tea except for 1 cup. (This is why I regretted not buying the 5 cups from the first lady.)

While we were having our early Thanksgiving with our son Jeffrey and his family in CO, Janice sent me a text saying she had found 4 of the cups at an antique mall in Parkville.  That meant we had enough for the tea but she was still short one for use with her family.  I found the 3 wine glasses that we wanted to use for the centerpiece and sent her a picture of them.  They cost me $4.50.

Here is a picture of everyone at the tea.
(Front left and then around the table clockwise:  Janice, Gayle, Rita, Kay, Phyllis, Betty, Cindy, Kathryn, and Fran. The empty chair was mine.)

Back in the Spring, I had seen a centerpiece idea on Pinterest that I repinned (and a lot of people are still repinning from me) of three wine glasses turned upside down over a flower and then with candles on top.  I have wanted to do that and this was finally a chance for me try it.  We considered putting a piece of holly with some berries on it (to go along with the theme of our dishes) or a poinsettia.  The latter won out.  We used a mirror I have on the wall in my living room as a base and then some sprigs Janice had around it.  Since we couldn't have real candles lit at church, we used flameless candles.  Here is what it looked like.

I made egg salad (chopped boiled eggs, sweet pickle relish, a hint of mustard, a little salt and pepper, and a little Miracle Whip) sandwiches.  I used Fran's Christmas tree cutter to shape the bread.

Janice made her Pumpkin Sheet Cake that I shared HERE.

I made the Oreo Cream Cheese Holiday Balls that I shared a couple of days ago HERE.

Phyllis made a favorite recipe of hers, Pineapple Angel Food Cake. It was delicious, so light, and Phyllis says so easy.  Recipe below picture.

1   box Angel Food Cake mix
1   20-oz can of crushed pineapple, not drained
Cool Whip for frosting

In a large bowl, stir (do not beat) the cake mix and the can of crushed pineapple just til moistened.

Grease and flour a 9 x 13-inch pan.  Pour batter into pan and bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.

Frost with Cool whip and decorate top with Maraschino cherries cut in half.

Finally, a dish of nuts and mints completed our menu.  

I almost forgot to mention the Christmas angel favors I made for everyone using the butterfly clip, a pearl bead, and ribbon.  Everyone was surprised and very pleased that they had something to take home to remember the evening.  See how it was made HERE.

I took a few pictures of some other attractive centerpieces that I thought I would share with you.

This first one was a bowl of whole cranberries floating in water with flameless tealights under the bowl.  Teresa said she likes to have floating candles in the bowl with the cranberries but since we couldn't have real candles, she had placed the flamesless tealights under the bowl.

I thought this centerpiece was clever.  The hostess had taken a covered cake stand and filled it with colored Christmas tree ornaments.
She was quite pleased that I liked her centerpiece enough to take a picture of it.  I told her I would be featuring it on my blog and if that was okay.  She said, "Oh, yes!"  I didn't know her and I didn't ask her name.....I should have.

This centerpiece was a silver platter piled with different colored ornaments along with beads.  Very pretty.

This centerpiece was probably my favorite.

The evening was so much fun.  Janice had actually never attended the Christmas Tea so she pretty much was going on whatever I was planning.  After getting there and seeing what everyone else had done, she is full of plans for what we can do next year. 

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