Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Last week when we were in AZ, Friend Janice and I decided to treat ourselves. We found a nearby beauty salon midweek and thought we would get our hair "fixed". We had brought the necessary equipment to do it ourselves, but having someone do it for you, can be so relaxing. The problem though was the salon was a popular place and we couldn't both get our hair done on the same day. One of the stylist came in (it was her day off) and did my hair, but because we had made arrangements to meet our husbands for lunch, we couldn't stay for her to do Janice's hair. But Thursday, Janice called and got an appointment for Friday. 

This long explanation (do I know any other way?) is to explain how I saw this picture in a magazine for quesadillas. While I was waiting for Janice, I flipped through the magazines the salon had to entertain their clients while they waited. Since I get bored with lunch, I thought this sounded like a winner to me.

Late yesterday afternoon after I got through with my shift at Hillcrest Thrift Shop, my husband and I went to Aldi's. I hadn't had time to go since we had gotten back and needed to get a few things (which turned in many things....but you probably know how that goes.) Getting back in the car to come home, I noticed it was already 6:10. I think that it is the one thing I don't like about daylight savings time. It is later in the day than you realize....time wise that is. Not wanting to take too long is preparing some dinner for us, I remembered the quesadillas. 

I originally figured I would be using deli meat in my quesadillas, but instead thought some leftover rotisserie chicken would be perfect. I didn't really remember what ingredients were in the picture I had seen in the magazine, but had ideas of my own. I named this post Personal Quesadilla because you can use whatever ingredients you want to. I will share the ingredients I used, but remember, use what you have and like.


thinly sliced meat (I used leftover chicken)
shredded cheese 
diced tomatoes

Lightly spray a skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium heat.

Place tortilla in the skillet and layer ingredients on one half of the tortilla.

Bring the other half of the tortilla and fold it over the filled half. Press it down with a spatula.

Brown (heat through).

Flip the quesadilla over and brown (heat) the other side.

Here are pictures I took cooking ours.

My husbands...

He loaded it with the cilantro...

Flipped over...

Cut and ready to eat...

Mine... My chicken was thinly sliced and I left off the cilantro...

My thinner one worked out better...although my husband really enjoyed his...

I was really surprised how filling it was with an added salad. I know I will be experimenting with this recipe for variety. Any suggestions?

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