Thursday, July 12, 2012


Almost ten years ago when we were living in CA and were still working, we went to the "Back-to-school" party for my school. I almost didn't recognize the husband of one my of friends because he had lost so much weight. Susan started telling us what Doug had done. His doctor had recommended that he read the book The Sugar BustersI bought the last copy of the book that Barnes & Nobles had on its shelf and started following the Sugar Busters lifestyle. The doctors stressed it was not a diet, but a lifestyle. My husband and I started making the changes and he lost about 20-25 lbs and I lost 15 lbs initially but gained 3 lbs back. I was actually glad because I had really only wanted to loose 10 lbs when we started. The good news was we kept the weight off. After retiring and moving to MO and changing our lifestyle, we have gained a little back.  I recently decided to start my menu planning ( see post here ) again and tried to remember our "Sugar Buster Lifestyle" when I was selecting dishes. I am glad to report that I am slowly dropping some of the weight gain. (The weight loss is a gradual process with Sugar Busters--I lost about a pound each week.)

One of the "changes" I have continued to try to practice (except for all the eating out I did/do with my Northland New Neighbors League friends here in KC) was limiting sugar to 5 grams per serving. One of the things I liked about Sugar Busters was that I didn't have to give up desserts....I just had to find recipes with small amounts of sugar or ones that I could revise and use sugar substitute and also fat-free or low-fat products in. One recipe I found was from Keebler and was called 5 - Minute - Key Lime Pie. It answered all my requirements for low fat and low sugar. And at the same time gave me a taste of one of my favorite desserts --  Key Lime. The recipe calls for light yogurt and this time I decided to try non-fat Greek yogurt, the latest food product I have started really using. If the recipe calls for sour cream, I use Greek yogurt.  

Anyway, it is a really light, not heavy, tasting dessert and especially great if you are watching calories, but still like something tasty.


1   Ready Crust Reduced Fat Graham Cracker Pie Crust
1   pkg.(4-serving size) sugar-free lime-flavor Jell-O
1/4   cup boiling water
2   containers (6 oz) key lime pie flavor Greek yogurt, fat-free
1   tub (8 oz) fat-free whipped topping, thawed

          1)  In large heat-resistant bowl, dissolve the gelatin in boiling water. (Make sure you stir it until it is all dissolved.)  Stir in yogurt with wire whisk. Fold in whipped topping with a wooden spoon. (This might take longer than you plan, but if you don't fold it in completely, you will have streaks of the gelatin/yogurt mixture in your pie.)
          2)  Spread in crust and refrigerate overnight.
          3)  May garnish as you desire. Refrigerate leftovers if you have any.

I served it this afternoon to my friends who were over to play Mexican Train. When my husband got home and saw the empty pie pan, he complained to everyone that we didn't leave any for him. (He had seen it last night when I made it and was hoping he would get a piece.) Guess I will have to make another one......

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