Sunday, July 22, 2012


Several weeks ago when we dropped by for a short visit with Madison and Tyler, (ok, and her parents), Lori (aka "Mommy"), Madison, Tyler, and I were sitting in the shade on the grass.  Madison started taking things from my purse and I was explaining to her what everything was. 

 When we got ready to leave, she tried to "carry" the purse on her shoulder but it was just too heavy. BUT that didn't stop her.

Last week when we went to get Dakota, the "granddog", to keep while they were on vacation, Madison decided to explore my purse again.  She has a very inquisitive mind.  Here are some pictures I took of her before Mommy made her stop.

Oh, boy,  I wonder what is in here?  Let me see......

This print is too small to read.

Now, I wonder what Grandmother's plans are for this week?

Is this the house key or the car key?

If I could just get this cap off, I could put some lotion on my hands.

I wonder what else is in here that might be interesting? 

She spent how much?

Time out....I have to give my little brother a hug....I love him so.

Here is how he looks now.  He's growing so fast.

Here are a couple of pictures my son, Patrick (aka "Daddy") took of Madison that I saved from Facebook and he said I could add them to my blog.  

I love this picture of her "laid back".  He said she wasn't even 2 and already she knew how to take it easy.

On their recent vacation they visited with friends who live in Duluth.

Here is Madison with her daddy on her first boat ride.  Isn't she darling?

Hope these pictures have brought a smile to your face as they have to mine.

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