Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sadie, Colby, and Hallie
Happy 4th of July everyone!  It is a rather quiet day around here, but wanted to share pictures of Colby, Hallie, and Sadie, aka the CO Grandkids, that dil Sara sent me.  Surely would be nice to be celebrating with them in person, but pictures help. 

The girls are wearing their T-shirt dresses I made them.  You can view my tutorial here .

Here is Madison, aka MO Granddaughter, in her dress.   

And here is Mr. Tyler.  He is getting to be a big boy.  Looks so cute sitting up in the chair. He was 4 months old June 28.

I am full after eating a delicious meal prepared by my husband.  Well, he grilled the Tri Tip.  That was the main thing.  Tri Tip is a special cut of meat we grew to love when we lived in Ventura, CA.   Most people grill it, but you can also cook it in the Crock Pot and then shred it for Pulled Beef.  We are fortunate here that the commissary at Fort Leavenworth sells it.  Sam's Club also sells it, but they often cut the roast into strips and sells it that way.  This is especially good if you only want to cook a small portion, but you do have to watch it and not cook it too long.  If you ever see Tri Tip in your supermarket and haven't tried it, I would hightly recommend that you.  

Tonight we will probably go a short distance from here to a prime location to watch the fireworks of Lake Waukomis.  Hopefully, they will have them.  MO is in a drought and so several areas have cancelled their firework displays.  If they are cancelled, we will enjoy the fireworks on tv as we usually do. 

Fireworks from Lake Waukomis

And the MOON!

How ever you are enjoying today, remember to be safe.  

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