Wednesday, July 11, 2012


As Randy Owens and Alabama sings, "There's nothing that can compare to the Cheap Seats."  and we enjoyed the "Cheap Seats" at the All-Star Baseball Game.  

It all started about two hours earlier when my husband and I were watching the news on TV.  The news anchors were live from Kauffman Stadium.  They were showing the Kansas City Zoo and a Free Community Watch Meet that people could come and watch the game on a BIG SCREEN on top of a truck.  I couldn't help but wish I lived closer to the zoo.  Then at the end of the feature they showed other locations in the KC area where they were also having it.  The last one on the list was ZONA ROSA.  I thought--I do live close to that.  Outloud I said, "We could go to Zona Rosa." and my husband said, "If you want to, we can."  Thanks, Dear!

So it didn't take long to grill the pork chops, microwave the instant brown rice and EAT it and then we were off.  Ten minutes later we were setting up our chairs (well, maybe fifteen if I include setting up the chairs) to enjoy the game.

I don't know what it was, but I almost felt like we were really at the game.  (I do have a vivid imagination).  I think it was because we were sitting "outside" and except for my husband, among people I "didn't know." The center park area was almost full, but we found a spot for our two chairs in the back corner with an almost perfect view of the BIG SCREEN (one of the flag poles made a dark vertical streak close to the edge of the screen, but except for seeing it in the pictures, I didn't really notice it while watching the game.)  We were sitting in the sun for maybe the first fifteen minutes, but then the sun dropped behind a shop and we were in the shade.  


There was the nicest breeze (so glad the heat wave broke Sunday).  We really had the best of all possible things about going to a ball didn't take an hour to get to the game, parking was free and not too difficult to find a close space, we had a view of the flags and kids playing in the fountain, $3 beer in colorful aluminum cans, $4 Hot Dogs / Hamburgers w/a big bag of chips (these were being cooked on a grill right behind us -- I said we were in the back corner) AND BESTEST OF ALL ----NO LINE IN THE WOMEN'S RESTROOM.  You can't ask for any more.  My husband even walked around the corner and got us MEDIUM ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery for about $7 total. 

As I said, we had a great view (it's "great" now) of the screen, and fortunately my Canon camera took some really good pictures.

Introducing the players...

We stood for the National Anthem...

 And then the first pitch came....
My husband

Then it got dark and FINALLY, Chipper came up to bat and Billy.  Chipper was the greatest.  You could see how really happy he was to be playing ball finally at Kauffman and then got a hit.  


Our "Cheap Seats" at the 83rd MLB All-Star Game won't be forgotten any time soon.

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