Monday, July 30, 2012


I love all the recipes I am getting from friends since I started this blog.  3 - 2 - 1 Microwave Cake has been around, but I never tried it until today.  

My friend, Carol, shared this recipe with me the other day and insisted I try it.  I had an Angel Food cake mix that I had bought for some other recipe I wanted to try and, of course, I had a sugar-free Devil's Food cake mix. She said she had tried other flavor cake mixes but did like to use the sugar free ones. So far the only two flavors of sugar free cake mixes I have found are Pillsbury Devil's Food and Yellow cake mixes.  They also make a sugar-free brownie mix that I can highly recommend. 

So this morning after making a batch of WHOLE GRAIN GRANOLA BARS, I decided to try Carol's recipe. (I made the granola bars this morning using a cup of chopped dates instead of the dried cranberries.)  As I said earlier, I have seen the recipe, but didn't have much faith in it being any good.  Well, I'm a believer now!  It was so light almost "sponge-like".  Guess that is the Angel Food cake mix at work.  

All you need to make the mix is any flavor of cake mix (I used a Pillsbury Sugar-Free Devil's Food ) and an Angel Food cake mix.  You also have to have something to store the mix in.  I used a gallon Ziplock Freezer bag.  Didn't have a storage bag or I would have used it.  

Empty both cake mixes into the bag (or whatever container you are going to use) and mix them together.  I labeled the bag so my husband would know what it was if he saw it in the pantry.  I didn't include the directions on the bag but I will.  That way my husband can make one any time he wants to.

It is called 3 - 2 - 1 because when you get ready to make a cake, you measure 3 level tablespoons of the mix and put in a mug.  Add 2  tablespoons of cold water and stir well.  It will look frothy.  Cook on high in the microwave for 1 minute. 

This is what it looked like when I took it out.

I have to tell you, I wasn't impressed.

Then I took a bite.

And became a believer! 

I had added a tablespoon of chopped pecans before I added the water.  It was so good.  I couldn't help but think how good some fresh sliced strawberries would taste with it.  Or any fresh fruit.  

I am sorry it has taken me so long to finally give this recipe a try.  I love that you can store the mix for probably as long as you want to.  I also love that it is a controlled portion and just hits the spot when I just want a little sweet.

If you are like me and have seen this recipe but never tried it.....YOU MUST!  If you are trying to control your sweets but don't want to completely give them up, THIS IS FOR YOU!

I'm anxious to hear if you give it a try and which flavor of cake mix you use and any "extra" you added.

AND CAROL, THANKS FOR INSISTING I TRY THISNow when are you going to give me that black bean brownie recipe you keep telling me about?


  1. Oh yum, a Nutella recipe! I'm into serious calorie counting right now but will keep this in mind for when I can splurge and need a chocolate fix. I read every comment, very entertaining and informative. If you make this recipe you need a really big mug, apparently the cake has volcanic tendencies. Breville Smart Oven

  2. Jennifer, you do need a big mug. It will rise to the top when it is cooking, but doesn't run over. I help the calories by using the sugar-free cake mix.