Sunday, July 8, 2012


I try to find something good whenever something bad happens.  Last night my husband and I had a very enjoyable evening out with some friends, Julie and Jerry, Kay and Jim, and Lynna and Jerry (different Jerry) for dinner at Cafe Italia in Parkville  (Excellent, btw) and then dessert at Julie and Jerry's.  I thought the house felt a little warm when we got home about 9:30, but didn't say anything.  I don't like to complain about being warm (at least when my husband can hear me) because I complained about it not being warm enough for me when we lived in Ventura.  Anyway, when I walked by the thermostat upstairs, I couldn't help but check it out.  Well, it was 82 in the house.  I told my husband so he could check out the A/C, even though I could hear it "running".  Well, what I was hearing was the fan in the house.  The compressor wasn't running outside.  (That was the bad thing.)  The good thing was that after showers we were able to actually get a good night sleep and not be too uncomfortable.

The bad thing was that this morning, the house was still 82 and the compressor still wouldn't run.  It tries, but it just hums.  The good thing was that we would be going to church and I am always cold in church with the A/C.  (Actually didn't get cold during church so that was also good.)  We had planned to stay after church for a meeting so that gave us at least another hour and a half with A/C. (I did get cold there before the meeting was over.)

I contacted our son, Patrick, and invited ourselves up to their house after we had been home about an hour and was starting to feel warm in the house.  The good thing, he said ok. The bad thing that really didn't turn out bad, was they were outside sitting in the garage of their neighbors, Martin and JamieWhy it didn't turn out bad?  It started raining....lightly, but raining....and it cooled things off.  BUT what really didn't make it bad, was just being able to spend about an hour with Madison and Tyler and of course, Patrick and Lori and their friends.  That was a great thing! 

Enjoy some cute pictures I took. 

 There are more of Madison because Tyler took a short nap for 30 min or more. 

 Madison enjoyed my bracelet that I was wearing.


When she accidentally spilled her water bottle, she had to "study" the spill on the concrete.

"Mommy"finally got Tyler to give me an almost smile after he woke from his nap.

When I heard that Martin wanted to be pictured on my blog, I took his picture with Madison.

Before we left, Madison gave me a nice hug, but since I am the one taking the pictures, that "picture" is remembered in my heart.  So when she gave Martin a hug, I was lucky enough to get a picture of that.  You can see she gives good hugs.
 You can see why I said That was a great thing!

Well, the bad thing was we had to leave, but the good thing was when we left we drove straight to Janice and Leon's  house to pick up their portable A/C unit for our bedroom for tonight.  By now it was 87 upstairs.  

We turned it on and shut the door and the good thing is, the last time we checked, it was down to 78 in the bedroom. 

Even though the humidity was fairly high today (bad thing), the good thing is the temps stayed lower than they had forecasted for today...only the low 80s.

The good thing is that the A/C repairman plans to come in the morning between 10 - 12 to see what is wrong. Hopefully it won't be too serious and we won't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.  That will really be a GOOD THING!

Bad thing is my husband will miss his golf game so he can be here in the morning when the repairman comes.  But the good thing is I won't miss Book Club...since I spent all weekend reading Rebecca.

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