Monday, July 9, 2012


I saw a recipe on Pinterest from The Girl Who Ate Everything that she had adapted from Allrecipes. It was called Baked Ziti.  I made it the first time back in June before I did my menu planning and my husband liked it so much I decided to make it again in July.  I have adapted it to our own preferences as you might if you decide to make it and renamed it. 


2   cups  whole wheat penne pasta (uncooked)
chopped onion (to taste)
1/2  -  1  lb. ground meat (Italian sausage, turkey, ground beef) 
2  tsp  minced garlic
2  tsp Italian seasonings
1 jar (24 - 26 oz) spaghetti sauce
4   round slices provolone cheese
6   oz container Greek yogurt - plain- nonfat
4  oz Italian Blend Shredded Cheese

      Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Spray with cooking spray an 8 x 8 inch square baking dish.

      In a large skillet, brown the meat.  Add garlic and onion.  Add spaghetti sauce and Italian seasonings and simmer for 15 minutes to thicken.

      While the meat sauce is simmering, bring water to boil in a large pot and cook the pasta for 8 minutes.  Remove and drain.

      In the square baking dish, layer ingredients in this order:
          1/2 of the pasta
          1/2 of the sauce
          the four slices of provolone cheese (will overlap a little)
          spread the yogurt over the cheese 
          rest of the pasta
          rest of sauce
          Top with the shredded Italian Blend Cheeses

      Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 20 minutes.  Remove the foil and bake 10 more minutes.

I make this with only about 1/2 lb of ground meat.  You could make it meatless or use a whole pound of meat.  If you are going to use Italian sausage, depending on your personal taste, you might want to reduce the seasonings.  We also eat whole wheat pasta, but if you prefer regular pasta, use it.  I don't know if it is because we have just gotten used to the whole wheat pasta, but I really can't tell that it is whole wheat pasta in this recipe.  I usually omit onion in recipes because I don't like it, but I did actually sprinkle some dried minced onion in the meat mixture to cook.  Some friends I know would put a whole large onion in it, because Bill says "Nothing taste good without onion."  Use your favorite spaghetti sauce.  I used Newman's Own Marinara.  

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