Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Monday was the first day (officially) of Fall and it felt like Fall when I got up and the temperature was 58. I went out on the back porch and had to put my lap throw over my legs. Then I decided to make a cup of hot cocoa with our Keurig. 

Because I knew I would be going in to the thrift shop (HPC Thrift Shop) Tuesday morning to "work" one of the registers, I started looking for something to make for the volunteers since I usually make whatever I am taking the day before. Everything I saw that made me take a second look was recipes that we normally make in the Fall. 

I found this recipe for Grandma's Bran Muffins in my Amish Cooking cookbook. I needed bran flakes cereal so I started a grocery list. As my day progressed I decided I would not make them ahead of time, but just make sure I got up early enough yesterday morning to make them. That way, they would still be a little warm for them.

I should have checked my pantry because as it turned out I didn't have enough molasses and my husband Wayne had to go to the store and get another bottle for me. (He is good about doing that for me when I am making something and realize I don't have enough of an ingredient.)

According to the recipe it makes 48 muffins. I  cut the ingredients in half but added more of the batter to the cups and filling them up to 3/4 full so I only got 15 muffins. 

The volunteers really liked them and several came to ask me what the key ingredients were as they had been trying to decide. So cute!

Click here for a printable version of just the recipe.


2-1/2     cups bran flakes, divided (1-1/4 cups)
1           cup raisins (1/2 cup)
1           cup boiling water (1/2 cup)
2           cups buttermilk (1 cup)
1           cup molasses (1/2 cup)
1/2        cup oil (1/4 cup)
2           eggs, beaten (1 egg)
2-3/4     cups flour (1-1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons)
2-1/2     teaspoons baking soda (1-1/4 teaspoons)
1/2        teaspoon salt (1/4 teaspoon)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease muffin pans. Set aside.

In a medium bowl, mix 1 cup (1/2 cup) bran flakes, raisins, and boiling water. Set aside.

In a large bowl combine remaining ingredients.
(I combined the dry ingredients first.)
Stir in bran-raisin mixture. 
Pour into muffin cups filling 3/4 full (they don't rise much with baking) and
I added a few raisins to the top. 
Bake 20 minutes. 
Remove muffins and place on rack to cool. (Run a knife around edges to help remove them.)

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