Tuesday, April 30, 2013


In several recipes using bread crumbs, I always state that I make my own.  My friend Margaret has asked me a couple of times how I do this, the last time, wanting specifics. So since I needed to make some more, I thought I would take some pictures showing specifically how I do this.  

Different bread sources will produce different types of bread crumbs.  I usually use the heels of a loaf of bread.  I just tear them into pieces and drop them in the blender and chop til they are all chopped up.  

The ones I am currently using, I made with a loaf of bread baked on a baking stone and had sesame seeds on top.  I left the loaf out to harden several days and they were really fine.  (Love them, too.)

Last week I bought two small French loaves for $1.99 that are called Everything French Loaves.  I left one loaf out for a couple of days, and it seemed hard on the outside, but wasn't hard all the way through. That meant the bread crumbs weren't super fine, but softer.  

They will work out fine but just remember when you make your own, the outcome will be determined by how "fresh" your bread is.


Freezer bag

That's all you will need. 

Cut or tear the bread into smaller pieces.

Place a few pieces into the blender and "pulse" on CHOP until it seems they are crumbs.  You may need to move the pieces around in the blender if they get "lodged" (not moving)

Pour out into a shallow container and check for any pieces that need to be chopped some more.

Repeat until you have chopped all the bread.

Pour into a freezer bag and label the bag.  I like to write on the bag what kind of bread I used so if I want to use the same bread the next time, I will remember what I used. 

My small loaf made 3 cups of breadcrumbs.

So I ended up making 3 cups of breadcrumbs for $1.00.  Can't beat that!

Saturday when I went to Wal-mart, I was checking out their day-old bakery rack and found this loaf of garlic & herb French bread.  I currently am letting it get hard and will make crumbs from it.  Then I won't have to add seasoning when I use these bread crumbs in recipes.  This loaf is easily twice as big as the other one I used so I expect to get 6 cups of crumbs from it.  And it only cost me $1.18.  I love good deals!

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