Saturday, April 27, 2013


Last weekend I invited our son Patrick and his family over for dinner.  Since they had plans for Saturday night, he invited us over for burgers Sunday night.  I offered to bring baked beans.  You can check out how I made them HERE.

When we got to their house and I went in, Granddaughter Madison was in the living room.  She looked up and said, "There's Grandmother!".  That made my day.  She has never done that before.  She will be three the first part of August.  I have been willing to wait a little longer with all my grandchildren for them to be able to say "Grandmother".

We had such a good visit.  I usually am not there long before I have my camera out.  Madison knows the little red bag and has been interested in my camera before, but this time, she was totally absorbed with it and taking pictures.  She kept calling it, "Tyler's Camera".  Not sure why, unless it was usually pictures of Tyler that she was taking.  She did a really good fact most of the pictures I will be sharing, she took.  (She didn't want to let me take pictures, but I did get a couple of her.)

Tyler "walking"

I did get these pictures of him playing with some toys.

very intently.....

Wearing "Grandmother's" necklace....

With Grandad ("Daddy" is back there in the kitchen cooking.)

Grandad with Tyler and Madison (I wonder what Patrick is taking so long to cook in the kitchen?)

He came in the living room and Madison took this picture of him.

She took this picture of me.  (Can you believe my hair is this long, Ali?  Need to get a haircut.)

Another one of Tyler with Grandad.

Playing with my necklace.

Went out on the deck to check on those burgers. (I held her up to take this picture.)

She took a picture of the couches....

And one of me with Tyler.

Tyler enjoyed a little milk before dinner and Madison had to get a picture of that, too.

Once we sat down to eat, I had to put the camera away so she would eat.  I will be looking for a digital camera at the thrift shop for her so she can have fun taking pictures when we aren't there.

It was a really fun evening and I am looking forward to our next visit.  Tyler had finally cut a tooth (he was one the end of Feb.) and should be really walking soon.  Madison will be talking more ... always so many changes when children are growing. ♥


  1. Looks like a future award winning photographer you have there! She has a very good eye! Love the idea of a thrift store camera for her to use... Can't wait until my grandson gets old enough to use one too!
    *Beautiful family,by the way*

    1. Thanks, Sandy. She would bring me the camera after she took a picture to let me see how it turned out. I was really surprised at how well she did. I only deleted a couple mainly because Tyler moved and sometimes because some "part" of him was cut off. She took pictures of toys too....more than I could put in the post. Your grandson will be "there" before you know it. They grow up so quickly.