Monday, April 15, 2013


Last Thursday our Mexican Train group met at Dee's house. It is always fun to get together with friends even if I didn't win. I think I may have come in second. Our table decided to quit before we had completely finished because it was after 4:00 and the other table had finished. The round before I had reviewed the scores for everyone, but didn't look at it again when we quit. It didn't really matter, we knew it had been Patricia T.'s day the whole afternoon.

Dee served several snacks...a veggie tray with dip, corn salsa with chips, nuts, chocolate chip banana bread, and M & M's. She provided me with recipes for both the corn salsa and the chocolate chip banana bread to share here.

Today I am sharing the corn salsa. She said she didn't remember where she got the recipe. She has had it "forever". She also said it was great to fill up hungry teenagers.


1   28 - oz  jar extra chunky salsa
1   15 - oz  can of black beans, drained
1   small can shoe peg corn
Juice from one lime*

Just mixed all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Best if made the day before. Store in the refrigerator.

Best served with scoop chips, but not necessary.

*  Check out my hint for getting the most juice possible from a lime or lemon HERE.

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  1. Another OMG recipe of yours that I have to try!
    I am seriously off to the store right now to get the ingredients for this. It will make a nice "rainy day" snack for us tomorrow while it storms!