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I'm having as much trouble posting our progress with our quilt of valour as we are getting it made.  It has been a month since we last met and then we missed meeting this month because Kay's daughter had another baby boy.  I guess it was good for me since I had never gotten around to sharing our meeting in March.

When I was writing the post for Part Three and adding this  picture, I noticed that one set of our finished fourzie/square didn't match the picture in the magazine...The   red square of the fourzie was in the wrong corner. (third set from left) You don't realize it until you notice the large cream square is not in line with the other three. You might have to look closely at the picture to see what I am talking about.  (Have I mentioned before that I have an irritating - at times - problem with perfectionism?)

So when we gathered in March to sew again, I brought it to everyone else's attention.  (Everyone else in the group has a problem with perfectionism too.)

So guess how Sharon, Dorothy, and Fran spent a great deal of the afternoon -- unsewing.

Fran and Dorothy....

And Sharon....

We didn't really know if it would make a difference when we started putting all of the "squares" together or not, but BP (Being Perfectionists)
we had to correct all 41 squares.

In addition to resewing these (once they finished unsewing them), we still needed to sew most of the last set of "fourzies", so that meant sewing together some strips to make the "twozies", so while Sharon, Fran, and Dorothy were busy "unsewing", Kay, Ellen, and I were busy working on that.  We had finished cutting all of the squares to go with the "fourzies" at an earlier meeting.

The main thing we wanted to do was make sure we had different sets together to cut the "twozies" from.  That was my job. (no picture of that as I was busy)

Ellen decided to let Kay sew, so she decided to press the strips and then she could cut the "twozies".  To assure variety, we sewed short strips that we had left over onto a longer strip to make the "twozies".

We also had to press the seam so Kay could resew the squares that the girls had unsewed.

Sharon helped out matching up "twozies" that Ellen had cut for the last set.

Meanwhile back on the couch....after all that "unsewing"... they deserved it....taking out 2.1 stitiches is not fun.

Fran did get involved with pressing some of the two-piece strips to cut the "twozies" from.


I guess this is a good time to pass along one of our tips to you.  When making a quilt, it is always good to "set" the seams first before "pressing" them open.  

To do this, first press over the stitching on the underside.  This "sets the seam".

Then you press the seam open on the topside.  And "pressing" means just that.  You are not ironing.  It might stretch the fabric.  To Press: Set the iron down on the fabric and then lift up and move over another part.

Back to our quilt...Kay stayed busy sewing the "fourzies" together.

This is a good feeling....

And this is what we need to our next gathering.

I'm glad I made lists with everything separated because with the time between meetings, it surely saves time when we get back together.

Of course a highlight of our afternoon is sharing.  And I love being able to share the pictures with y'all.

Dorothy has been busy.  (I want you to be able to see the cute prints.)  This one she  finished, the next one she has just finished the quilt top.  It is her personal Quilt of Valour.

Ellen shared pictures of her new grandson.

and remember her quilt top she shared at our last meeting,  she had pictures of it with Adler...

and in Adler's room.

Then since we had missed a month meeting, Kay had all new quilts hanging in her Craftland.

This one she is still working on.  She likes to do a lot of applique.

This is a framed counted crossstitch she did (for all holidays).  Really cute.

At her front door on a table.

This is a paper-pieced quilt that she made and had someone quilt it for her.  She had it on the bed in her guest room.  Just beautiful.

One she has hanging in the hall

and "close-up and personal" with some of the applique.

Back in Craftland....
The center of this quilt top is embroidery... she has been working on this one for the last year.

 This quilt top she made with scraps leftover from a quilt she made for her sister.

Well, hopefully we will be able to meet in May...and I won't wait a month to write that post....too hard to remember everything.

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